Friday, August 05, 2011

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, August 5, 2011

Next week, check with Todd Mason for the links.
Come away with me to the Traverse City Film Festival. (at Crimespree Cinema)

Yvette Banek, Detecting Men, Willetta Helsing, Killer Books, Jean Swanson and Dean James
Bill Crider, The Satan Bug, Ian Stuart (Alistair MacLean)
Scott Cupp, Talking Man, Terry Bisson
Martin Edwards, I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury, Milward Kennedy
Jerry House, The Poetical Words of Jonathan E. Hoag
Randy Johnson, The Isotope Man, Charles Eric Maine
George Kelley, First Command, A., Bertram Chandler
B.V. Lawson, Spooks, Spies and Private Eyes, edited by Paula L. Woods
Evan Lewis, Hank & Muddy, Stephen Mertz
Steve Lewis/Bill Pronzini, Hangman's Dozen, David Alexander
Todd Mason, The Overlook Encyclopedia: Horror, edited by Phil Hardy; Romancing the Vampire, David J. Skal
J.F. Norris, The Man with My Face, Samuel W. Taylor
Richard Pangburn, Night Dogs, Kent Anderson
Eric Peterson, Such Men Are Dangerous, Lawrence Block
J. King Pierce, Miss Lizzie, Walter Satterthwait
David Rachels, Violent Saturday, W.L. Heath
James Reasoner, The Seduction of Lucy Mattson, Dell McLauren (Thomas P. Ramirez)
Richard Robinson, Pern Books, Part 2, Anne McCaffrey
Gerard Saylor, Valley of Lights, Stephen Gallagher
Michael Slind, The Sinful Stones, Peter Dickinson
Ron Scheer, Red Men and White, Owen Wister
Kerrie Smith, The Killing at Badger's Cliff, Carolyn Graham
Michel Williams, Do Not Fold, Spindle, Mutilate, Doris Miles Disney


J F Norris said...

Link Police reporting. LED-HORSE CLAIM is Ron Scheer's contribution who got dropped off the Summing up. Kerrie Smith's book is THE KILLINGS AT BADGER'S DRIFT.

Todd Mason said...

And THE LED-HORSE CLAIM was Ron's book last week...I think he was hoping to feature Red Men and White by Owen Wister this week.

Jerry House said...

And oh those mumble-mumble typos. Bill's is THE SATAN BUG, not SATIN. Mine is THE POETIC WORKS.., rather than WORDS.

Jerry House said...

And Randy's is by Charles Eric MAINE.

Yvette said...

Patti: The co-author of KILLER BOOKS is Jean Swanson, not Simmons. :)

Ron Scheer said...

Todd, yessir, it's Owen Wister this week.