Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hey, You, Get Off of My Cloud.

Every time Paulson comes on TV to reassure us, he doesn't. He needs to hire someone who doesn't sound like he's headed off a cliff to make his addresses.
I figure his face and voice are worth a 400 pt decline each time. Can any of us take these hits?


Anonymous said...

Paulson has the look of a man staring at the headlights of the semi that's about to smack into him head on.

Now granted, we can understand why he might look like that. However, as Secretary of the Treasury, he might want to work on that look, 'cuz the deer-in-the-headlights look didn't work for Herbert Hoover, either.

pattinase (abbott) said...

It does not inspire confidence if he's going to be our czar.

Ray said...

Paulson has made a few 'guest appearances' in the BBC news here in the UK. He has the look of a man who says 'trust me I'm a politician and I'll do anything to preserve my job including spending your money to do it'.
As an 'outsider' I just wonder where $700 billion came from when all I hear is (both sides of the pond)is that there is nothing in the pot for welfare, education or to help the homeless etc. Yet, our respective Governments can come up with a plan to save the banks who will continue to rip off their customers - the same people who's money bailed them out in the first place.
Having listened to the debates between Obama and McLain - neither impress me much. Pity that there is not a third party over there.
Political rant over.

Kitty said...

Btw, for all the huffin'n'puffin' over Sarah Palin, apparently Harlem's okay with her as veep: Howard Stern's man-on-the-street.