Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Give + Take, Stona Fitch


Stona Fitch, author of Senseless, has written a new book, Give + Take.

It will be distributed without charge through the Concord Free Press beginning on October 1, online and in independent bookstores to those willing to make a donation to a local charity or to a local person in need.

This is a wonderful idea and hopefully will raise money and consciousness about those in need in your own community and reward you with a fabulous book from an exciting writer. Please get more details on the website below and inform others.

Maybe we can save the world one book at a time.

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Clea Simon said...

I just loved Stona Fitch's short story contribution to the "Hell of a Woman" anthology, so am looking forward to this (though from the early press, I'm also a little afraid). Nice way to give back, too.