Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Forgotten Movies

When I was a kid I loved this movie and saw it every time it came on THE EARLY SHOW, a weekday treat in Philly that made a movie junkie out of me. THE ENCHANTED COTTAGE starred Robert Young and Dorothy McGuire.

(From IMDB) A homely maid and a scarred ex-GI meet at the cottage where she works and where he was to spend his honeymoon prior to his accident. The two develop a bond and agree to marry, more out of loneliness than love. The romantic spirit of the cottage, however, overtakes them. They soon begin to look beautiful to each other, but no one else.

I was transfixed at how they came to look beautiful to each other over time--that is until a third party entered their cottage. Then all their physical characteristics reverted to reality.

I doubt such a movie would be made now. She was just plain and his disfigurement was not so awful. This was Hollywood after all--they weren't about to ruin their future careers. But we don't get romances that aren't comedies any more. I miss that. And if Hollywood made it today, they would probably make it a horror story rather than a romance.

However they made it, it wouldn't have the charm of the original.

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Anonymous said...

I remember that one very well - Robert Young and Dorothy McGuire, right?

Jeff M.

Todd Mason said...

Did you ever see the first film of it? And this version still holds up, I take it?

pattinase (abbott) said...

I should have included that, Jeff. It's because it was on the clip.
It will always hold up for me, Todd, but I may not be a good person to ask. Don't think I saw the earlier version.

Paul D Brazill said...

I don't think I've seen it but the cast is good.

Mike Dennis said...

I saw that movie for the first time about three years ago on TV, Patti. It was quite well-done, and very different for the Hollywood of the day.

Yvette said...

I remember this, Patti. Terrific movie. You're right, they don't make truly romantic movies anymore. I tell you what: I don't think there's anyone left in Hollywood who even knows HOW to make a romantic film. Who even KNOWS what romance is. Sad.