Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Night Warning

Keep your eyes on this new trick from the airlines, fellow passengers. Delta Airlines changed our reservation from a direct flight to one with a stop on the way and didn't bother to notify us. A big change in departure times not to mention duration of the trip.

So check your itineraries often. I thought it was Northworst, but I spoke too soon.


Anne R. Allen said...

It's become all-out warfare, hasn't it? Airlines vs. their customers. I wonder how long we can stand it? Maybe a new airline will start up. "We charge a little more up front, but we don't treat you like a cross between an ATM machine and cargo!" What a concept.

Anonymous said...

Our flights out west have been changed too, but Jetblue and Southwest both informed us of the changes well in advance, and both were just small changes in departures (less than 30 minutes).

Adding a stopover and not telling you? Very not cool.

Jeff M.

pattinase (abbott) said...

And only 45 minutes between flights in January in Minneapolis--good luck with that.

Richard R. said...

The airlines get away with everything they can, and apparently no one, consumer groups, the Feds, no one, cares enough or has enough pull to bring them back to something even slightly resembling fairness or customer service.