Friday, October 15, 2010

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, October 15, 2010

The Summing Up, Friday, October 15, 2010

Patricia Abbott, True Grit, Charles Portis
Joe Barone, Stardust, Robert B. Parker
Paul Bishop, Sexpionage and other Sixties Serials
Paul Brazill, Rogue Males, Geoffrey Household
David Cranmer, Unaccutomed As I Am to Public Dying, Larry Maddock
Bill Crider, The Eureka Years, Annette Peltz McCormas, editor
Scott Cupp, Sea King of Mars, Leigh Brackett
Martin Edwards, The Layton Court Mystery, Anthony Berkley
Dan Fleming, A Gypsy Good Time, Gustave Hasford
Ed Gorman, The Crimes of Jordan Wise, Bill Pronzini
Glenn Harper, Black August, Timothy Williams
Randy Johnson, Climb a Broken Ladder and B Girl, Robert Novak
George Kelley, Tragg's Choice, Clifton Adams
B.V. Lawson, Exeunt Murders, Anthony Boucher
Evan Lewis, The Case of the Six Coffins, by The Mysterious Wu Fang
Steve Lewis/William F. Deeck, A Corpse for Christmas, Henry Kane
Todd Mason, Adventures in Time & Space, Healy & McComas; Great Tales of the Supernatural
Herbert Wise and Phyllis Fraser
James Reasoner, Escape Across the Cosmos, Gardner Fox
Kerrie Smith, Shoestring, Paul Ableman
Kevin Tipple, Bullets, Steve Brewer

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