Friday, November 11, 2011

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, Nov 11. 2 011

I'd like to note today that three of these books were edited by Martin Greenberg, What a hole his death leaves in the anthology business. Rest in peace, Mr. Greenberg. His name has probably shown up here more than any other.

Two weeks from today, Canadian-authored or published books.

(pottery by John Neis)

Patti Abbott, In the Last Analysis, Amanda Cross
Yvette Banek, Devil's Waltz, Jonathan Kellerman
Bill Crider, My Favorite Fantasy, ed. Martin Greenberg
Scott Cupp, Father of Science Fiction Art, 2010, Frank R. Paul
Martin Edwards, The Pursued, C.S. Forester
Cullen Gallagher, The Cheaters/Dial "M" for Man, Orrie Hitt
Ed Gorman, The Juggers, Richard Stark (Donald Westlake)
Jerry House, The Beardless Warriors, Richard Matheson
Randy Johnson, Time Tunnel, Murray Leinster
George Kelley, The Cosmic Computer, H. Beam Piper
B.V. Lawson, The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, ed. Martin Greenberg & Carolyn Rossel Waugh
Doug Levin, Westlake's Shorter Fiction
Evan Lewis, Steranko's Skaith Covers, James Steranko
Steve Lewis/Richard and Karen La Porte, The Bride of Newgate, John Dickson Carr
Todd Mason, Neglected Vision, Barry Malzberg, Martin Greenberg, Joseph D. Olander
J.F. Norris, Creep, Shadow! A, Merritt
Richard Pangburn, Some Deaths Before Dying, Peter Dickinson
Eric Peterson, Wishsong of Shannara, Terry Brooks
Gerard Saylor, The Fever Kill, Tom Piccirilli
David Rachels, Maltese Falcon, Dashiell Hammett
James Reasoner, Call for Michael Shayne, Brett Halliday
Ron Scheer, The Courage of Captain Plum, James Oliver Curwood
Kerrie Smith, Die for Love, Elizabeth Peters
Kevin Tipple, Murder to Mil-Spec, ed. Tony Burton
TomCat Killed with a Passion, William De Andrea


David Cranmer said...

A super list as usual, Patti.Thanks for hosting.

Todd Mason said...

And four by Donald Westlake. Sic transit a little gloria mundi, anyway.

Ed Gorman said...

Thanks for your kind words about Marty Greenberg, Patti. Those of us who were his close friends still talk about him every day. His legacy as an anthologist was unmatched.

Jerry House said...

Missed me. THE BEARDLESS WARRIORS by Richard Matheson.

Todd Mason said...

Prof. Greenberg, for that matter...he began anthologizing with text compilations...