Monday, November 14, 2011

Movie Theme Music: Elmer Bernstein: THE GRIFTERS


Paul D Brazill said...


Dana King said...

Elmer Bernstein may have been the best soundtrack writer of his generation. THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (with Maynard Ferguson on trumpet and Herb Alpert playing drums), HUD, THE BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ, and LOVE WITH A PROPER STRANGER through GHOSTBUSTERS, STRIPES,a and, yes, ANIMAL HOUSE. Give him a movie, and he wrote a perfect score for it.

Mike Dennis said...

Great Bernstein score for a great film, one of the best of the post-1970 films noir.

And my favorite Jim Thompson novel, too.

teddy crescendo said...

Its odd how "The Grifters" has drifted into almost total obscurity, you`d think it would be turning up on peoples top 10 cult movie lists all the time ! ! !.

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