Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Life at the Thearer: Crime of the Heart

Not from the production I saw in 1995, of course. I saw this at the Royal Exchange Theater in Manchester and I think I saw it again at the Hilberry Theater, our university graduate theater company. Beth Henley was the first woman to win the Pulitizer Prise in 28 years for this play. It opened on Broadway in 1981. It was also a movie with Jessica Lange, Diane Keaton and Sissy Spacek.

This was quite a great production, starring Alison Peebles, Robin Weaver and Lesley Sharp as the three sisters.

Henley went on to write MISS FIRECRACKER and other fine works.

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Anonymous said...

We saw the original production on Broadway in 1982, with Peter MacNicol as the young lawyer, Mary Beth Hurt, Lizbeth MacKay and Mia Dillon as the sisters. It was a terrific show. The movie version wasn't bad (I always like Sissy Spacek) but the show was better.

Two years later (two days before New Year's Eve) we saw MISS FIRECRACKER with Holly hunter, who was wonderful.

Jeff M.