Monday, November 03, 2008

My Town Monday: Detroit, Zoo Boo

The Detroit Zoo is yet another Detroit institution that has been a contentious subject for years. Who will fund it? Whose zoo is it since it is located just outside of the City? The city of Detroit finds it difficult to finance cultural institutions in these times but was loathe to turn it over to the county. It is currently owned by The Detroit Zoological Society and the name Kwame Kilpatrick is being painted over on its water tower. But it remains lovely piece of land that is widely used by the 4 million people who live in the Detroit area.

This post is about Zoo Boo rather than the Zoo itself.

Zoo Boo,
presented by Meijer, is the Detroit Zoo’s annual family-friendly Halloween event. Zoo Boo is a merry-not-scary Halloween celebration with a cleverly decorated half-mile trick-or-treat trail through the Zoo. Live, friendly entertainment await costume-clad little ones in the Zoo Boo Revue tent, and they can try their luck in the Ghouly Games tent. The Haunted Reptile House is fun and you can vitis the ghosts and goblins who have made the Reptile House their home for the holiday season, and take a ride on the new Wild Adventure Ride, Dracula’s Haunted Castle, sponsored by State Farm.

Kevin enjoyed Zoo Boo, but at almost two, he wanted to see the camels, elephants, and raffes. They were all sleeping. Every five minutes, he would politely repeat "Camels?" "No, Kevin, this is about pumins and itches and gollins. "Zoo," he'd remind us. "Bears?"

Next year, pumins will be pumpkins, itches will be witches and gollins, goblins. But at least camels will still be camels. And our dinosaur will be something else entirely.

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Anonymous said...

I remember going to Cleveland's Boo at the Zoo when our boys were younger.

Our zoo is now a part of the Cleveland Metroparks, but I imagine like all the rust belt cities, they may be having trouble staying afloat.

pattinase (abbott) said...

And I think part of the problem is people aren't used to paying a large sum to go to the zoo. In the past, it was more tax-supported.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hi Patti,

I like Merry not Scary for Halloween.

And I agree with you about the fees. here in New york, the "donation" for all the places I went to for free as a kid, would bankrupt the average family if they tried to go on a regular basis.


pattinase (abbott) said...

It is very expensive. Especially since there are multiple ways to spend more money once inside: railroad, animal food, people food, souvenirs. Zoos may soon be something you only see in a few places.

Travis Erwin said...

The Amarillo zoo has been a joke for years but slowly it is getting better. I should do a MTM post about it's progress.

Barrie said...

Boo Zoo. I love it. Cute dinosaur too.

debra said...

Like Mary, we also went to the Boo at the Zoo when the kids were little.
#1 daughter still likes to go to photograph animals.

Jenn Jilks said...

Delightful post! Delightful event! Thanks for visiting my blog, too!

Reb said...

Sounds like it would be a fun time, but I'm with Kevin...camels?

Lindy said...

My little home town zoo does the same thing. I took my niece and nephews back in my pre-toddler days. OMG it was an eye opener.

Barbara Martin said...

I sympathize with Kevin, I'd want to see the camels too.

Which reminds me I should do a post about the Toronto Zoo.