Wednesday, November 19, 2008

George Chesbro Dies

Back in May, Dusty Rhoades recommended George C. Chesbro on Forgotten Books. Here's his review:

My forgotten book is THE BEASTS OF VALHALLA by George C. Chesbro (and thanks to Jon Jordan for turning me on to this piece of truly bent thriller fiction). Chesbro's hero, Mongo Fredrickson (aka Mongo the Magnificent) is a dwarf, a former acrobat and circus performer, and a genius criminologist.

Wait, I haven't gotten to the weird part yet. There's a mad scientist, a talking gorilla who ends up being one of the most human characters in the book, obsessed Lord of the Rings geeks, more Wagner references than you can shake a stick at, and (of course) a plot to save the world by destroying it.

And it all works. Not once do you put the book down and go "oh, come ON!" Instead, you laugh out loud with the sheer audacity of it. It's like watching someone juggle chainsaws. Chesbro is a mad genius in his own right, and his Mongo series is his lightning-struck masterwork. J.D. Rhoades


George C. Chesbro was the author of 27 books, including the renowned Mongo mystery series.

Today I was sad when I found this comment on that blog post.

At the time of this blog, George was still alive, but I'm sad to report that he died yesterday, November 18, 2008.

He wrote a new Mongo novel, LORD OF ICE AND LONELINESS, that was published in France in 2006. Unfortunately, he was never able to find a U.S. publisher that was interested in the book. I'm still hopeful that it'll see print someday....

Hunter Goatley, webmaster for

Rest in peace, George. I hope someone may have read your books thanks to Dusty's post.

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