Monday, April 03, 2017

Things That Make Me Happy

This has been a hard week to find things that make me happy. Between the antics in D.C. and Phil's treatment, we are worn out. Six months of chemo is awfully hard. Hope none of you have to go through it (although I know that is not the case). I have the feeling these treatments will be considered barbarism in the near future. One thing to note, as the partner of the cancer patient, it is very hard to complain, ask for help. There should be a program for family members--maybe there is.


I am happy my son and daughter-in-law are using spring break to take Kevin to D.C. to see some of the sites he didn't see last time. They are such unselfish parents. Not two have tried harder to give a kid a crack at everything out there.

I am happy Megan was able to go to Quais Polar in Lyon, France where she introduced a film, gave a talk about L.A. Noir, talked about her own work and sat on two other panels. This follows her trip to the Virginia Festival of Books and precedes the LA Festival, and trips to Houston, Chicago, Melbourne and D.C. Her comic book with Alison Gaylin and Steve Scott (artist)
NORMANDY GOLD, comes out in June. And GIVE ME YOUR HAND in 2018.

Saw SLEEPER Saturday night and was reminded of how talented a physical comedian Allen was in the early days. I would have to put SLEEPER in my top five Allen movies.

IRON LAKE must rank among the top debut mysteries ever.

I am happy for the good friends that went to the theater without us on Saturday and sold our tkts. We are so lucky in our friends.(Chris and Robin Boyle)


Anonymous said...

Wishing all of you well, Patti, as you get through this. Stay strong! And I agree, a support program would be great.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Although the thought it would amount to comparing horror stories is daunting.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Sorry that Phil (and you too!) is having such a tough time. Just keep focusing on the endgame and the other side. You will both come through it.

You forgot to mention one other thing on Megan's list: American Guest of Hono[u]r at the Toronto Bouchercon.

mybillcrider said...

Sorry that you and Phil are having to go through this. It's definitely no fun for anyone involved.

George said...

I'm happy all our snow has melted and I can actually see my lawn again.

The FINAL FOUR games were close and exciting. I'm looking forward to the Gonzaga vs. North Carolina Championship game tonight.

Why aren't we spending more money on curing cancer instead of building a stupid WALL?

pattinase (abbott) said...

And hopefully we will be there, Jeff.
I doubt that Wall will be built. No one wants to pay for it, including the Trump family.
And you, too. Bill On both ends.

Jerry House said...

I am happy that you and Phil (and Bill and so many others) have the courage to face this disease. I'll be be even happier when you come out on the other side healed. (And a big YES to George's comment.)

Grandson Mark just got his driver's license. Very proud of him. He also ran a 10K this Saturday, hoping to beat 40 minutes. His time was 38.58 and came in second overall.

Granddaughter Erin and her Winter Guard team pulled out all the stops for their final competition and gave their best performance of the year.

I'm very happy that granddaughter Amy came out unscathed from an accident that totaled her car. We all came together to rearrange schedules and do what it took to make this a minor blip in her family's life.

I'm happy I read Neil Gaiman's NORSE MYTHOLOGY. His smooth style made me once again aware of the importance of Story and books in our lives.

(And thanks for this weekly feature. It helps to make me remember all the good things in my life, as well as allowing all your online friends to celebrate the good things in your life.)

(And speaking of good things, I miss the Kevinisms. Perhaps you could update them from time to time.)

pattinase (abbott) said...

He is too busy with his comic strip Nuggetman to speak to us much. At nearly eleven, he is less spontaneous in his speech.

pattinase (abbott) said...

And Jerry, it makes me focus on good things too.

Naomi Johnson said...

I wish you and Phil all the best. If you can find a support group for caretakers and families, go for it. Also, if you can find a place away from home, but not so far that you can't go at least once a week, a place that helps calm and rejuvenate you, that's a help; at least it was for me. During the months that I took my Dad to weekly chemo & radiation treatments, the place for me was the giant salt-water aquarium at the zoo. Just sitting and watching the silent fish was like meditation. I remember that once I thought, 'I must have been here 15-20 minutes; I need to move on.' Turned out I had sat there for almost 2 hours. Hope you can find a place that does as much for you.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks so much, Naomi. I live a couple blocks from a zoo so that's a great idea. Maybe for both of us.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Yes, watching tropical fish has been proven to be soothing. Whenever we go to Vegas I always sit outside the Cheesecake Factory for a while watching the big fish swim by in the huge tank outside.

Rick Robinson said...

I'm running late today. I happy that 1/8th of my radiation treatments are done, "only" 7 more weeks, 5 per week. Sigh. But I'm happy I'm doing it instead of just hoping it will magically go away.

I'm happy we're able to get into the garden. Friday we went to the nursery and bought a new tree and several perennials, which we plants yesterday (oh, my back). It was so nice to get out in the sun and dig in the dirt!

I'm happy that I'm not depressed.

Gerard Saylor said...

Slow week for me and some anxiety of state and federal budget plans.

My children were home all week for Spring Break and they had nothing to do. The Boy Scout Troop had a swim test and water safety/rescue instruction yesterday. After the training the boys all screwed around in the water.

- I got to target shooting for the first time in months.
- Dry weather allowed me to walk the dog but rain is coming tonight.
- I found out that season 7 of ARCHER is now on NetFlix and I tore through the episodes.
- I started watching the JACK TAYLOR movies on NetFlix. I've read a couple of Ken Bruen's books but I'm not sure if I read one from the TAYLOR series.
- Boy #2 helped make a pie with my wife.
- I'm close to finishing a novel that is MUCH longer than I usually read.

Gerard Saylor said...

Here is a simple pleasure I remembered when checking the time: I was able to reinstall the back cover of my Timex's watch case.

I'm not sure how my watch's snap-on back cover came loose but it did. The battery was not lost and I found simple directions to put the case back on; I used a table vise to slowly pressure the cap until it snapped into place.

pattinase (abbott) said...

So bizarre, Gerard that my back cover of an old watch came off when I picked it up today. Mine snapped on too.

Gerard Saylor said...

By the way Patti, my favourite line from SLEEPER: "Wow, i knocked someone insensible with a strawberry!", that line is so hilarious.

David Cranmer said...

Love to you and Phil, Patti.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Right back at you, David!

Charles Gramlich said...

I well recall when Lana went through it. My best hopes for you and Phil.