Friday, May 09, 2008

A Summing Up

One Stop Shopping for Friday, May 9, 2008

(Please Advise if I Forgot Anyone)

Bill Crider: The Assistant (Malamud), Passing Strange (Sale)
J. Kingston Pierce: The Lunatic Fringe (DeAndrea)
Keith Raffel: Kolymsky Heights (Davidson)
Steven Torres: Moony's Road to Hell (Ramas)
Terrie Farley Moran: The Great Divide (Terkel)
Jen Jordan: One Man's Chorus (Burgess)
R2: The Criminalist (Izzi)
Peter Rozovsky: Harper and Iles series (Bill James)
Daniel Hatadi: Gun in Cheek (Bill Prozini)
Sara Crowley: The Trick is to Keep Breathing (Janice Galloway)
Declan Burke: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Horace McCoy)
Jim Winter: Blunt Darts (Healy)
Todd Mason: The Lively Lives of Crispin Mobey (Gary Jennings)
Brian Lindenmuth: Scalped (Jason Aaron)
Lisa Kenney: A Fine and Private Place (Peter Beagle)
Stephen Blackmoore: On Strange Tides (Tim Powers)
Steve Allan: The Giant's House (Elizabeth McCracken)
Patti Abbott: Roseanna (Sjowal and Wahloo)


Todd Mason said...

Cool...I've read the Studs Terkel, the Pronzini, most of the Jennings (as I note!), and the Beagle...and probably would've gotten to the Malamud, the Burgess, the McCoy, the Powers, and possiby yours, Patti, on my own, but the others would've been much less likely...

pattinase (abbott) said...

Ashamed at how few I've read-Malamud, McCracken, Burgess (but not essays) McCoy (but not that one) and my own.

Anonymous said...

For a while, toward the end of his life, Burgess was the primary book reviewer for THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY...its last good years, too. That was a treat.

Well, the real shame in most cases on these lists is that the books aren't readily can't get the Jennings Mobey book for less than $50 on up, or considerably more than reading copies of all the back issues of F&SF are likely to cost.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Boy, it that the truth, Todd. I've checked a few out and been amazed at the cost. Best bet is a big city library perhaps.