Monday, April 08, 2013

Say Something Good About Detroit: ART X

Art X Detroit: Kresge Arts Experience Returns To Midtown In April 2013

From April 10 to 14, Midtown venues including the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and the Detroit Institute of Arts will host events and work created by the 38 Kresge Eminent Artists and Kresge Artist Fellowship Awardees/
Art X Detroit is funded by the Kresge Foundation and produced by Midtown Detroit, Inc. The development organization's president, Sue Mosey, explained why they felt Midtown was the perfect setting for a large-scale arts event.
“As home to Detroit’s Cultural Center and a neighborhood that values creativity, we are excited to host this spectacular arts celebration in Midtown,” Mosey said in a statement.
A schedule of events is forthcoming. We can barely wait: after last year's DLECTRICITY, the Detroit Design Festival, and Belle Isle Public Art Exhibit, we can't seem to get enough of arts festivals -- and either can Detroit.


Todd Mason said...

PBS in May:

“Detropia” (INLE #1415, 5/27/13, 2200-2330)
Short listing:
Discover how Detroit residents are ready to create a radically new post-industrial city.

Long listing:
Detroit: the grand American city, built on industry, fair play, hard work and the American Dream. In the past three decades, the city has seen its might crumble as oil prices spiked, the auto industry declined and the middle class began to disappear. But the people of Detroit are not ready to give up on this place, where the spirit of loyalty, community and grit is not so easy to break. They are ready to create a radically new Detroit in a post-industrial America.

Todd Mason said...

Perhaps along the model of Pittsburgh, post Big Steel?

Certainly, the arts org you've described here seems like they're ready to play with the New Detroit...

Cap'n Bob said...

I'm all for art, but shoes scattered across a parking lot doesn't qualify as art in my book.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I am not a fan of installation art either but this incorporates a lot of different types of art. And the biggest proponent of this sort of thing Tyree Guyton has become famous.