Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Life in the Theater: A WHISTLE IN THE DARK, Tom Murphy

This shows scenes from several of his plays, but we saw A WHISTLE IN THE DARK at the Irish Repertory Theater in New York in 1989.

From Wikipedia because my memory is not good enough here. It does sound an awful lot like THE HOMECOMING.

 A Whistle in the Dark is a play by Tom Murphy that premiered in 1961 and went on to be a West End hit. Murphy was twenty-five years old at the time.It tells the story in three acts of the climactic confrontation between Michael, the oldest of the Carney sons, and his father and brothers, a brawling, hard-drinking, criminal gang of Irish immigrants living and working in England. A powerful portrayal of tribal violence and the devastation it brings in its wake in spite of attempts to stand against it, it remains Murphy's best known and most performed play.

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Anonymous said...

Patti - One thing I like about this feature of yours is that I'm learning so much about plays I'd either not heard of or knew only a bit about. Thanks.