Monday, April 15, 2013


Rodin, Torya Blanchard's New Midtown Endeavor 

Torya Blanchard is a genuine Detroit developer. She is on the right above. A few years ago she opened the very successful GOOD GIRLS GO TO PARIS, creperie. Now, across the street from the DIA and its Rodin statue of The Thinker, she's opened a more sophisticated small plates venture called RODIN. 

The area cried out for a place like this, housed on the first floor of the Park Shelton and around the corner from GOOD GIRLS. It is sleek, colorful, sexy and was quite crowded last Friday at nine. And the small plates Rodin offers are reasonably priced and original. A large bar occupies a lot of the space. It is clearly a spot for a youthful crowd who wants to hang out. A large floor will feature dancing.

Cook, Kate Williams (on the left above) prepares recipes that have all the ingredients of coq au vin, but with chicken wings and candied bacon accompanied by mint-and-cilantro slaw. The classic navarin (stew) of lamb becomes “sloppy lamb,” made with braised lamb shoulder and served with onion jam, pickled carrots, and brioche toast. Croque-monsieur becomes grilled cheese and tomato soup made with raclette, chèvre, apple butter, and smoked cherry tomatoes. The cassoulet “but not really cassoulet,” Williams says, features duck confit with puréed white beans.

I am so hopeful that women like Torya and Kate will be in the forefront of rescuing Detroit. 


Anonymous said...

Patti - Yum! This sounds terrific. And I'm so glad women like this are doing their small bit to make a change.

Charles Gramlich said...

That's how it begins. Let's hope it continues.