Saturday, June 13, 2015

"Do People Really Read FFB"

And here is the answer:

Hello Patricia

Just to say that for years I've been haunting dusty
bookshops, some specialists in crime fiction. ( the best being in Hay-
on-Wye), trying to describe the plot of a book I read many years ago
from our local library but without remembering either the title or
author; and after just reading your latest blog there it is: perfectly
described, even with the head buried in the snow. 'Appleby's End'.

To the bookshop this afternoon to place an order. Will I like it? Not so
sure, but at last my quest is over.
Many Thanks

My blog tour continues at Todd Mason's SWEET FREEDOM. Thanks, Todd


Jeff Meyerson said...

Well, of course people read it! I have personally (and to my shame) bought a lot of books that are currently sitting on my shelves unread because I read a FFB review. Keep it up! I have plenty of room for more books.

Jeff M.

Charles Gramlich said...

I get some good recommendations this way

Deb said...

Oh yes indeed! And when I meet like-minded readers, I always forward them a link to FFB.

Rick Robinson said...

I not infrequently mention FFB to pele and they're amazed, and later tell me they lurk...and buy. It's a terrific resource!

Todd Mason said...

You're quite welcome, and thanks for "stopping" and your kind words...and for all you do, here and elsewhere...

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Patti, we couldn't have done FFB without you and our friends, like Todd, who fill in for you.

J F Norris said...

I wonder why he didn't write his email to Yvette who wrote the review. Hope she sees this. Every now and then I am surprised by the alarming number of hits when one of my reviews is linked to the FFB page on your blog. Here's further proof that Friday's Forgotten Books is an excellent idea that should continue.

Last year I received an email from a reader of my blog who went in search of an obscure book that I reviewed and was one of the Friday's Forgotten Book posts. He lives in Chapel Hill, NC where the amazing The Bookshop is located. Here's what he wrote me: "I recently had a funny experience when I went to visit our local used bookshop to purchase a book you had reviewed that morning. I inquired after the book and the copy was set aside while I browsed the shop. Upon checkout, the clerk asked me if I wouldn't mind telling her why I had purchased the book. I mentioned your blog and she replied: "Oh, that explains it. You see, that book has been sitting around
the shop since 1993 ~ and just since you entered the shop, we have had three
requests for it in a row."

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks much, Prashant.
I sent Yvette his email, John. Very heartening to know we have performed a service for book lovers.