Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Songs That Remind Me of Summer

Character Names

Do you know how many continuing characters there are on shows like ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK? There must be upwards of 50 on that a one. And it is only recently that I realize that I cannot put a name on most of them. Partly it's because the series hops around so much, but I am sure I was raised on TV shows that only demanded a knowledge of 7-12 character names.

And those characters appeared week after week.

Now most shows have huge casts and storylines disappear and reappear episodes later. Am I the only one having trouble IDing Black Cindy and Big Boo on OITHB. Does anyone know the name of the character Daniel Stern plays on MANHATTAN. What is Bill Master's mother's name on MASTERS OF SEX? Who does Janet McTeer play on AN HONORABLE WOMAN?

I swear I knew every character name until about 2000-along about when THE WIRE came along. Is it me or is it a different way of telling a story?

Songs That Remind Me of Summer