Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hello Cello

Movies You Should Have Seen But Haven't


As a huge Paul Newman fan, I should have seen this movie years ago but something about it has always held me back. I am not much a fan of prison movies. That's probably the main reason. But from the scenes I have seen, I am not sure I will like him in this role.

What classic movie have you skipped?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hello Cello


Although I never found the Smothers Brothers all that funny and I never found their singing all that good. But they managed to put together a fun show that we watched every week for the two years they were on CBS. The show became hip to watch for young people because of the focus of the humor and the youth and prestige of the musical guests.

They ran amuck of the network constantly and were pulled for their anti-war stance. That I  really did admire. How many entertainers use the power they have to try and stop a war? Despite being pulled in the middle of a season, the show won an Emmy for best writing that year.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello Cello

Best Last Scene in a Movie?

And there are a lot of great ones. But the other night I was reminded of one of my favorites. In the last scene in BIG NIGHT, a movie about two brothers trying to get a restaurant going, the brother who is the lesser cook but more the manager, (Stanley Tucchi) makes an omelette for his brother (Tony Shaloub) and a waiter. 

And then they sit down and eat it. This occurs after a particularly trying night for the brothers. 

There is absolutely no dialog in the scene but it perfectly encapsulates the brothers' relationship and what their life is about. 

What is your favorite last scene?