Monday, October 24, 2016


Friendship is a common theme in children's literature but less so in adult literature. I just read ANOTHER BROOKLYN where four teenage girls in seventies Brooklyn sustain each other through a lot of difficulties. But they are still children. In books for adults, there is, of course, OF MICE AND MEN and THE GROUP but what else. In KRAMER V KRAMER, Ted  and Margaret forge a friendship, which was somewhat novel at the time. The idea that a man and a woman could be friends and not romantic interests.

The Lansdale books about Hap & Leonard stand out. And the Walter Mosley and Robert Parker series.What else?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday's Forgotten Books, October 21, 2016

Todd Mason will have the links today. Decided Phil needed a special trip for his birthday this week.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Where I Ate Dinner at a Child.

When I was a kid this was the only restaurant in my neighborhood. That would have been the mid-sixties. Was your neighborhood this spare on places to eat? How often did you go out to dinner as a kid? Where did you go? What did you order? Linton's had no ambience and was pretty much like the diner, Littleton's, that was right down the road. We went out to eat a lot when we went to the shore in the summer. But not much beyond that. Christmas Eve found us at Linton's though. An odd tradition.In retrospect, I believe there were restaurants for the adult crowd, but not the sort of place children were welcome.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Forgotten Movies: HOSPITAL (And the forgotten career of George C. Scott)

George C Scott and Diana Riggs starred in this very black look at a city hospital. Arthur Hiller directed the Paddy Chayefsky script in 1971. T hey don't make this sort of movie anymore. Life is too dark to joke about now.George C. Scott was such a figure then. Has anyone heard of him now?I guess he's most remembered for PATTON, my least favorite of his films. Biopics seldom work for me because they are never nuanced enough.