Monday, August 11, 2014

Songs That Remind Me of Summer

For Richard Wheeler, a man of great taste and great talent.


Kieran Shea said...

Ahh, the "Summer Wind"...that song always reminds me of the night before graduation from college. At our house we would play that song and turn the lights up as a sign that the party was over. People didn't dig Sinatra, but we were a house full of beery Jersey dudes--and big, BIG fans of the movie "The Pope of Greenwich Village" As for summer songs, for some reason it's never summer for me without hearing "More Than a Feeling" by Boston on the radio. A few weeks back I was explaining Brad Delp's suicide by charcoal grills to my wife as we crossed the OCNJ bridge. Naturally, my wife looked at me like I'd once more grown horns out of the front of my head. More recently my "go to" summer anthem is Superchunk's "THIS SUMMER":

David Cranmer said...

Nice pick, Patti. I had this Sinatra compilation and was the coolest/uncool kid when I played it during my college years. But one young lady loved to hear me play it and, well, that's all that mattered.