Friday, August 22, 2014

Songs That Remind Me of Summer

OK. I am fourteen and we have a membership at Mermaid Lake for the summer. It is there I meet Bobby. He takes me to his house, which is as distant from mine as possible in terms of wealth. He has air-conditioning. (We have a fan--and only one in my parents' bedroom). He has a pool. He has a pool table. He has shag carpeting. He has a convertible. Yes!



Anonymous said...

Sp were you?

I had a friend whose older brother (supposedly) dated Marcie Blaine (rn Marcia Blank).

Wonder where she is today.

Jeff M.

pattinase (abbott) said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! I hadn't thought of this one in so long!!

Deb said...

You stumped me, Patti--I've never heard this song before, although I think most of us gals have a Bobby somewhere in our past. I remember mine had more than one tv in the house plus a second bathroom. What luxury!

Anonymous said...

Deb, the best part for me is the Longuyland accent when she pronounces "any mowah."

Can't believe you don't know it. It jsut proves how much younger you are than some of the rest of us.


Jeff M.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about it and realized "Bobby's Girl" has the exact same theme as Shelley Fabares' Johnny Angel.

Unlike the clip from THE DONNA REED SHOW, the real backup singers on the record are Darlene Love & The Blossoms.

Jeff M.

Deb said...

Ha! It's nice to be somewhere where I'm younger. I'm always the oldest mother in any group, I'm the oldest sibling in my family, I'm even older than my husband--I guess some people are just born old and I'm one of 'em!

Cap'n Bob said...

I wish I could report that that song brought me some female attention, but it didn't.


Rick Robinson said...

I remember it too, I was in high school in 1962, so it was in the top 40 and all over the radio stations I and my friends listened to.

Todd Mason said...

Fans really so dear at the time?