Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Where can I order/pre-order The Fever (pub. date June 17)? Your local bookstore, IndieBoundBarnes & NobleBN Nook (ebook), iTunes (ebook), Kobo (ebook), Powells, Books a Million  and many other places
Stores with signed copies that will ship directly to you include Book Court, Word, Brookline Booksmith, Square Books, Murder by the Book, Book People, Poisoned Pen, Aunt Agatha's, Nicola's and River Road Books.

Note: At present (May 22, 2014), The Fever may not be available for pre-order from Amazon due to the ongoing issues between Hatchette(Little Brown is part of Hatchette) and Amazon.

The Fever:

"An unforgettable inquiry into the emotional lives of young people... It's also a powerful portrait of community, with interesting echoes of The Crucible...Abbott may be on her way to becoming a major writer."
--Booklist, Starred Review

"Thrilling...a gripping story fueled by razor-sharp treachery, jealousy, hormones, and the insecurities of teenage girls."
--Publishers Weekly

"The book to beat… in the "Is it the next 'Gone Girl'?" sweepstakes."
–Janet Maslin, New York Times  

"The lives of teenage girls are dangerous, beautiful things in Abbott's stunning novel... Abbott expertly ratchet[s] up the suspense...nothing should be taken at fact value."
Kirkus, Starred Review


Gerard said...

I'll admit to dreading this one because it sounds like she upped the creepiness factor.

I'll read the novel of course, but I got hooked into the last two, Dare and End, and dreaded what was going to happen to those characters.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I found it less worrisome than the last two although it's pretty compelling.

Gerard said...

It's all academic until June 7th for me anyway.

Rick Robinson said...

I ordered it from Powell's.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks, Richard.Hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

It's on order, though if I listened to critics "the next GONE GIRL" would certainly not entice my interest.

Hope she sells a ton of books.

Jeff M.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I think they just mean it will be a summer read. Its plot bears no resemblance to GONE GIRL.

Anonymous said...

I knew that. It just reminds me of all the lazy movie critics who, rather than abother thinking about what they're saying, go with such deep insights as "the feel-good movie of the summer" or "this years NOTEBOOK."

Jeff M.