Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bands: An Old One and A New One-and not so different.

On Thursday, I posted the picture above on facebook for Throw Back Thursday. It's a photo of my grandfather (drummer) and his band circa 1920, when he was 22.

Our friend, Anders Engwall, from Sweden, sent me a video of his wonderful band, which is not all that different. The song they are playing dates from about a decade later. Wonderful treat.


Anonymous said...

OK, this is really cool, Patti! Thanks for sharing.

Anders E said...

The song is "Hot And Anxious", originally recorded by the Fletcher Henderson orchestra in 1931, although our version is based on the recording by the Don Redman orchestra in 1932.

The location is Valleviken on Gotland, the biggest island in the Baltic Sea. The recording was made in August 2013.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I have shared it with some friends of mine that spent two years in Denmark and love Scandinavian culture. I have also watched another video on you tube. Just love this kind of music. I hope it does come back and the NYT article said.

Charles Gramlich said...

very cool old pic.