Monday, December 22, 2008

A Little Kevin break

A few funny things from my funny guy.

If you ask Kevin, just turned two, what he wants for Christmas, he says a car wash. We have finally traced this desire to a Thomas, the Train catalog---but did he read it? The picture is not very illuminating and is very tiny. Only the print is big.

I know he thinks this will be big water toy, too.

His trip to Sea World last week can be summed up in one oft-repeated sentence: "I touched the sting ray." Then he flops on the floor and swims across the rug.

If anyone mentions that someone is funny, Kevin will say, "Nana is a funny guy." This makes me think I have to stay up nights thinking of how to keep my reputation as a funny guy going.

Thanks to Chris for the book recommendation, IT'S OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT, which I have waiting under the tree. (Still have to track down the Car Wash though).

Is there anything nicer than a grandchild. (Right Terrie?)


Terrie Farley Moran said...

You got it Patti!

Hugs to Kevin.


Todd Mason said...

Bolder toddlers seem to prefer me as a human jungle gym...I think favorite comedian might well be a more enviable position.

TM (ungratefully not providing my parents with grandchildren as yet)