Friday, July 27, 2012

The Summing Up, Friday, July 27, 2012

Patti Abbott, Red Baker, Robert Ward
Sergio Angelini, Jonathan Latimer
Yvette Banek, Small Vices, Robert B. Parker
Joe Barone, The Big Bad City, Ed McBain
Brian Busby, Existenz, David Cronenberg
Bill Crider, The Source of Fear, Bill S. Ballinger
Scott Cupp, Agatha h and the Airship City, Phil and Kaja Foglio
Martin Edwards, A Minor Operation, J.J. Connington
Curt Evans, Invitation to Kill, Gardner Low
Ed Gorman, The Long Loud Silence, Wilson Tucker
Jerry House, The Evening Standard Second Book of Strange Stories
Randy Johnson, Mirror Friend, Mirror Foe, George Takei and Robert Asprin
Nick Jones, First, Tom Gault and Simone Lia
George Kelley, Pulling a Train, Harlan Ellison
Margot Kinberg, In the Shadow of the Glacier, Vicki Delany
Rob Kitchin, The Rocksburg Railroad Murders, K.C. Constantine
B.V. Lawson, Ghost of a Chance, Kelley Roos
Evan Lewis, Shakedown, William Campbell Gault
Steve Lewis/Dan Stumpf, Say it with Bullets, Richard Powell
Todd Mason, Houseful of Laughter, Bennett Cerf
Neer, Sir John MacGill's Last Journey, Freeman Wills Croft
J.F. Norris, The House Next Door, Lionel White
James Reasoner, Ramrod, Walt Coburn
Gerard Saylor, Devil's Own Ragdoll, Mitch Bartoy
Ron Scheer, In the Valley of Havilah, Frederick Thickstun Clark
Kerrie Smith, Mrs. McGinty's Dead, Agatha Christie
Kevin Tipple, The Poacher's Son, Paul Doirin
TomCat, Moonflower, Beverly Nichols
Prashant Trikannad, The Continental Classics Vol. XIV, The Vampire, Jan Neruda

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Todd Mason said...

Juri Nummelin had one, which must've posted late...I'll keep an eye out for it this Friday...