Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ten Things I'd Like to See Retired in 2012

1. The Kardashians-even though I am not quite sure who or what they are.
2. Any play or musical with the word "Nun" in it. (Nothing against a serious look at a nun, just these insipid shows).
3. Al Sharpton as a TV host
4. Netflix
5. GOP debates
6. Discussion over whether Zooey Deschanel or James Franco are cute or annoying. I vote ANNOYING.
7. Attempts by Amazon to take over the world.
8. Real Housewives from anywhere
9. Man v. Food and Dinners, Drive-in and Dives. (Sorry, Phil)
10. The one-percent.

Adding: British royalty and the New York Times insistence on only showing high-priced fashions, homes, food, marriages. Do they think only the wealthy peruse their pages? I may be just getting started.



David Cranmer said...

I agree with you except for Dinners, Drive-in and Dives. I'm with you, Phil. :)

Todd Mason said...

Oh, the 1% can stay. They just don't get to keep stealing everyone else's money.

Are you really running across all that much Nunnery?

And the GOP debates are highly we wait for Romney to gain the nomination, lose, and settle in for another four years of yet another Democratic president who might as well be Gerald Ford, as all of them since Carter's Admin have been.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Two nun shows are currently either coming or going.
GOPS -Too scary to be entertaining.
And if Phil watched them after I went to bed I'd appreciate it (The food shows and the debates).

George said...

I agree with you on the GOP debates: completely vapid.
I disagree with you on DINERS, DRIVE-INS & DIVES.
Brace yourself for the blizzard of political campaign ads. Over a billion dollars will be spent on political ads in 2012 that annoy us.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

I would hate to see Netflix gone as its pretty much my only option for independent/foreign films. Other than that I can't argue with your choices. Wouldn't mind seeing Michael Buble, James Patterson and Sarah Jessica Parker gone.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Netflix continues to screw us over. Their last gambit was charging us $13 for two films a month and reneging on the free month we were supposed to get. We are formally divorced.
Yes, to those three.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

I pay Netflix $15.95 a month(i have the blu ray option). I get 2 films at a time which works out to between 8-12 movies a month which works out to less than $1.50 per film. Nowhere else near me to go. All the Blockbusters are closed by me and Family video carries very little I watch.

Gerard said...

Boy #1 chewing with his mouth open.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I get one at a time and only 2 a month. So I quit after one film.
That's why I now hate them. Why do I get such a horrible deal and you don't. And we live in the same state.
Gerard-you should do a standup routine. He may have nose issues.

Yvette said...

I don't have cable anymore and I rarely go to movies. If it weren't for Netlix, I'd probably never see another foreign film (unless I bought it) or my vintage faves or even, any of the few good new films. Not to mention television shows I missed the first time around. So I can't complain.

I am sorry though, Patti, that you're having such a problem with them.

I, too would like to see less of Amazon's encroachment on the civilized world. I mean, when is enough enough?

But, when I do get the chance to watch Diners Drive-ins and Dives, I do enjoy them. I'm with Phil. Can't help it. I must speak the truth. For me, they are a great deal of fun.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Here is what I say to Phil every time. Doesn't that food look just like the food they did last time? Don't the patrons seem to be the same people? Wouldn't a diet like that kill you? It doesn't work with him either. Why is every kitchen the same and why do they seem to use the same ingredients in every dish?

Anonymous said...

You can't be serious about Triple D! It's my favorite show of the week.

The Kardashians and all the so-called "Real" Housewives, Teen Moms and all other "reality" (sic) shows of that ilk (including Jersey Shore) need to go, now.

Not that I've ever watched any of them but even reading the names is old.

Who thought up the idea of the Republican Debate of the Week? They shoudl be taken out and horsewhipped.

Jeff M.

Anonymous said...

OK, one person who agrees with you about DDD - Jackie. She doesn't mind it the way you do but she is not a fan.

But then, I don't watch Hallmark Channel made-for-TV Christmas movies...

Jeff M.

pattinase (abbott) said...

We all have our area of otherness.

le0pard13 said...

Hear, hear. I'd only add any show that starts out with the words, "The Housewives of...". It's all scripted, reality-show crap. There, I said it ;-). Thanks, patti.

Al Tucher said...

Whining about the supposed persecution of Christians and/or white males in America.

Deb said...

I'm sorry you've had such a time with Netflix, Patti. I have to say our experience has been better. We got a BlueRay player for Christmas, so moved from the mail-only option to a combined mail (one DVD at a time) plus unlimited streaming, with an extra $2 a month added for BlueRay DVDs (which aren't always available), and still the total is less than $20 a month which is a lot less than we'd pay to go the movies.

I have to disagree about DDD--at least it is a show about food and how it's prepared. So many of the shows on the Food Network these days seem to be contests to determine who will be the next chef to have a show on the Food Network. Talk about a closed system!

However, I have to agree with you about "Man Versus Food" which seems to encourage a dangerous type of competitive eating. I love to eat, but when I go out to a restaurant, I don't want to think about piling-driving a ton of food into my gullet within a certain time-frame. Blech! And while I like hot & spicy food, I think I'll refrain from eating anything so caustic that the cook has wear gloves while preparing it.

As for the GOP debates, I have no horse in the race, being a true-blue Democrat and making no bones about it; however, I think it's rather interesting that Romney (whatever one may think of his politics) has actually lived the moral life that the right-wing always claims they want from a candidate, but that doesn't seem to be budging them much. Apparently they'd rather have a thrice-married self-confessed adulterer than a monogamous Mormon.

/Dismounting soapbox now.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Netflix seems to have targeted us as so eager to see films, we will pay anything.
The GOP debates are about the scariest thing I have ever seen. It makes the times of people like Robert Dole and his group of competitors look like the era of sanity.
Amen, Al.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I don't know exactly how this worked out. But, I agree with you on all of your ODD numbered items. I don't agree with you on the EVEN numbered items.

Apparently, it is true.....I am odd!


Deb said...

And even after I wrote a novel-length post, I forgot to include the things I'd really like to see retired in 2012:

1. "Toddlers & Tiaras."

2. "19 and Counting."

3. The ever-expanding universe of storage-unit auction shows (although I do like "Storage Wars").

4. Shows about repo agencies and tow-truck companies.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I have manged to miss all of those but the trend continues. Ugh.

J F Norris said...

I second the motion on Amazon's emulation of a Sax Rohmer villain and reality TV of all types.

One blessing: No bleeding Oprah Book Club selections. EVER AGAIN! Even better -- no traffic jams around Harpo Studios here in Chicago now that the show is officially defucnt. Woo-hoo!

I'd like to add these to the list of things that need to go:

Crappy pop music
Televised talent shows
High fructose corn syrup
People who watch movies on their laptops without the aid of earphones

iluvcinema said...

Good list!

Poor Rev Al :(

What I would like to see an end of are the ridiculous comic book adaptations for movies. Originally a good idea now bland an derivative and only for the sake of raking in a few ...

Travis Erwin said...

Along with a few on your list let me add lettuce, the Muppets, Robert Downey, and my mortgage.

Sadly I expect all will be thriving come 2013.

Cap'n Bob said...

I'd like to see the elimination of the Scientology Organized Crime Family.

The elimination of the word 'amazing" in all TV commercials.

No more MTV effects in TV shows and movies.

Discretion in public cell phone use.

People learn to drive.

Anonymous said...

Fiction. It's all exhausted, jaded, effete, and dumb. I read nonfiction almost exclusively now; just finished an absorbing book called A Romance on Three Legs: Glenn Gould's Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano. The history of Steinway alone is worth the price.

Jerry House said...

Sorry I'm late to this party, to which I add:

- Television commercials louder than television shows

- Reality television, especially faked reality television and reality television that degrades the participants.

- Haters of 60s folk music.

- Also on television, those competition talent shows in which the judges and producers decide what type of talent and style of music America has been dying to hear.

- The Party of "No" degrading the President for failing to get them to say "yes" or even "maybe". People who are not clear on the concepts of compromise and cooperation, but still blame the other guy.

- Bullshit that makes one believe that "clean coal" actually exists, and that "fracing" poses no environmental dangers.

- Understaffed businesses that cause frustrated shoppers to leave the store because of the hassle and/or wait and/or lack of service.

- People insisting that gay marriage will hurt my marriage. I'm still trying to figure out how.

- A paucity of original ideas in film, television, and books.

- My daughter's driveway.

- Politicians who lie. People who believe them.

- My complete lack of a household staff, as well as the lack of money to pay them.

- My absolute lack of any superpower whatever. I mean, geez, I'll take flying, or super speed, or super strength, or x-ray vision, or the ability to produce flatuence in the key of G at will. Anything. I'm not picky.

I could go on.

BTW: My word verication is "dishasta." So yeah. I coulod do without any dishasta in 2012.