Thursday, December 01, 2011

Restaurants We've Enjoyed: Cheryl's in Brooklyn.

Thanksgiving Dinner at home is nice but spending this Thanksgiving at Cheryl's Global Soul on Underhill Street in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn was a treat too.

It's a tiny place and Cheryl does most of the cooking but has time to meet every guest as well.

We liked the food well enough to eat there twice and both dinners were outstanding. Thanksgiving Dinner was three courses for $35 and the second course had three sides with it. A pumpkin soup was just spicy enough, a pear salad scrumptious. The requisite turkey (Megan had salmon) was tender and plentiful if you wanted to take some home. The potatoes had enough lumps to attest to their Yukon gold goodness and the finale was either an elegant sweet potato pie or blueberry cobbler. A warm and wonderful place if you visit the Brooklyn museum. Or the Botanical Gardens or the library, you're right across the street.

The regular menu is elegant food, well-presented, with a bit of soul, and reasonably priced.

What restaurant do you enjoy? Where is it and what's their specialty?


David Cranmer said...

When I'm in New York, Cheryl's is not that far away. I will have to check it out, Patti. Thanks.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Very warm and reasonably priced, David.

Anonymous said...

Patti - Oh, that sounds so great! Yum. New York has some of the best restaurants!

Al Tucher said...

The Kaka'ako Kitchen in Honolulu. Hawaii had the original Pacific rim fusion cuisine before anyone thought of the term. Owner Russell Siu has an upscale flagship restaurant, but the KK is a no-frills extension of his empire.

My brother lives in Kailua, which has given me a free place to crash on several trips.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Just being in Hawaii might be enough for me.

Chris said...


I kid, I kid!

When we have people in town, we take them to Scotty's Table. It's sort of fancy (for Missoula, anyway), but delicious. Use lots of locally grown stuff, and everything is delicious.

For pizza, it's Biga Pizza. Another purveyor of local ingredients, and delicious.

Now I'm hungry. Thanks, Patti.

pattinase (abbott) said...

If I ever get out that way I will try it. Love local ingredients movement.

George said...

Of course PIZZA JUNCTION is a big favorite. With frozen custard for dessert!

Anonymous said...

That custard place across the road from Macri's was excellent, George.

Of course we are spoiled for good pizza places in Brooklyn (Totonno's, etc.) but given the choice Jackie would always pick L & B Spumoni Gardens.

Best Sicilian pizza ever.

For Italian food locally, we'd pick Gino's. It started as a pizza place with a few tables but has expanded into two more adjoining stores. Just a good local restaurant, with fare like rigatoni with sausage and eggplant.

Jeff M.

Anonymous said...

Sorry those didn't come through but you can check them out online if interested at and

Jeff M.