Friday, March 06, 2009

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, March 6, 2009

Judd Hirsch reading.

The entire list is here.

See you on March 20th.

April 10th will be Friday's Forgotten Short Stories. Let me know a few days ahead of time so I can get the links ready. Any genre goes.

The Summing Up, Friday, March 6, 2009

Paul Bishop, The Canvas Coffin, William Campbell Gault
Paul Brazill, Suckers, Anne Billson
Craig Clarke, A Man Called Brazos, T.V. Olsen
Cathy Cole, The Kate Ellis Mysteries, Kate Ellis
David Cramner, Branded Outlaw, L. Ron Hubbard
Bill Crider, Nothing Burns in Hell, Philip Jose Farmer
Chris, Wicked Things, Thomas Tessier
Martin Edwards, Close-up, Len Deighton
Elizabeth Foxwell, Death Wears a White Gardenia, Zelda Popkin
Cullen Gallagher, The Scarf, Robert Bloch
Ed Gorman, Catch a Falling Starlet, Douglas Sanderson
Lesa Holstine, Dekok and the Dead Harlequin, A.C. Baantjer
Randy Johnson, The Star Kings, Edward Hamilton
George Kelley, The Fourth Dimension is Death, Donald Westlake
K.A. Laity, Shrieks at Midnight: Macabre Poems, Eerie and Humorous Selected, Sara and John E. Brewton, Drawings by Ellen Raskin
Claire Langley Hawthorne, Johnny, I hardly knew you, Edna O'Brien
Todd Mason, Time of the Wolves: Western Stories, Marcia Muller
Juri Nummelin, Roots, Alex Hailey
Scott D. Parker, Poe's Mystery Stories, Edgar Allan Poe
Eric Peterson, The Long Haul, A.I. Bezzerides
Gary Phillips, Daddy Cool, Donald Goines
Keith Rawson, Safe Harbor, Eugene Izzi
James Reasoner, Yesterday's Flame, Elizabeth Hallam (Livia Washburn)
Ray, Warlock, Oakley Halls
Kerrie Smith, The End of the Affair, Graham Greene

FYI-From Todd Mason-Robert Bloch and Fritz Leiber were the two members of the Lovecraft Circle who picked up on what Lovecraft was doing, essentially existential horror, and refined it. They, as much as such colleagues as Shirley Jackson, Cornell Woolrich, and John Collier, revolutionized horror in the 1930s and '40s...they were also techinically better writers than Lovecraft, Bloch soon after he found his own voice, the somewhat older Leiber from jump. For Bloch, such collections as PLEASANT DREAMS and BLOOD RUNS COLD are excellent introductions to his shorter work, as are the two retrospectives THE BEST OF ROBERT BLOCH (most sf and fantasy) and SUCH STUFF AS SCREAMS ARE MADE OF (mostly horror and suspense), published by Ballantine in the latter 1970s...I'm less impressed by THE SELECTED STORIES OF ROBERT BLOCH, which in the paperback edition is ludicrously renamed THE COMPLETE STORIES OF ROBERT BLOCH (not by a long shot, and despite three volumes is missing some of his major work)."The Loved Dead" was by C. M. Eddy.

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J. Kingston Pierce said...

Hey, Patti:

You forgot to include with Gary Phillips' name the book he reviewed for The Rap Sheet. It is Donald Goines' DADDY COOL.