Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Forgotten Books Thus Far

With some oddities due to blogger quirks today. Like where did half of the tool bar go.

August 22, 2008
Patrick Shawn Bagley, Cruisers, Craig Nova
Joe Boland, The Sophmore, Barry Spacks
Nathan Cain, Dogs of God, Pinckney Benedict
David Cranmer, A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway
Bill Crider, Night Without End, Alistair MacLean
Kent Gowran, Night Dogs, Kent Anderson
Glenn Harper, Edge City, Sin Sorocco
Lesa Holstine, The Merchant's House, Kate Ellis
Randy Johnson, A Flash of Red, Clay Harvey
Patrick Lennon, Jack's Return Home, Ted Lewis
Juri Nummelin, Dumbo, the Flying Elephant
Mary Reed, Some Must Watch, Ethel Lina White
Kerrie Smith, Criminal Conversation, Nicholas Freeling
Susan Smith, Borrowing the Night, Elisabeth Peters
Kelli Stanley, The Blank Wall and The Innocent Mrs. Duff by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding
August West, The Wind Chill Factor, Thomas Gifford
James Winter, Ross MacDonald, Tom Nolan

August 15, 2008
David Cranmer, The Long Chance by Max Brand, Ride the Man Down by Luke Short
Bill Crider, Kyd for Hire, Timothy Harris (And go back to Bill's blog to see the British cover)
Anthony Flacco, The Golden Gate Murders, Peter King
Michael Haskins, Uptown, Downtown, Dennis Lynds
Lesa Holstine, King of the Hollyhop, Les Roberts
Kevin Holtsberry, A Day No Pigs Would Die, Robert Newton Peck
Naomi Hirahara, The Wheel on the School, Meindert DeJong, The Best Bad Thing, Yoshito Uchida
Randy Johnson, The Stories of Silver John, Manly Wade Wellman
Brian Lindenmuth, The Brotherhood of Mutiliation, Brian Evenson
Adrian McKinty, Thus Was Adonis Murdered, Sarah Caudwell
Barbara Martin, Caesar: The Life Story of a Panda Leopard, Patrick O'Brien
Terrie F. Moran, The Virginian, Owen Wister
Juri Nummelin, The Hell Bent Kid, Charles O. Locke
Graham Powell, The Charleston Knife is Back in Town, Ralph Dennis
Al Tucher, Hard Rain, Peter Abrahams
James Reasoner, The Blonde in Lower Six, Ed Jenkins

August 8. 2008
Patti Abbott, Beyond the Bedroom Wall, Larry Woiwode
Stephen Blackmoore, The Adventures of Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi
Victoria Blake, The Wasp Factory, Ian Banks
David Cranmer, By Line: Ernest Hemingway, William White
Bill Crider, Stone Angel, Marvin H. Albert
Damon, A Spell for Chameleon's Piers Anthony & The Sleeping Dragon, Joel Rosenberg
Ed Gorman, The Blank Wall, Elizabeth Sanxay Holding
Charles Gramlich, Kyrik, Warlock, Warrier
Lesa Holstine, The Lily Bard Books, Charlaine Harris
Randy Johnson, Conjure Wife, Fritz Leiber
B.V. Lawson, Los Alamos, Joseph Kanon
Brian Lindenmuth, Homicide A Year on the Killing Streets, David Simon
Terrie F. Moran, Adams vs. Jefferson: The Tumultuous Election, John Firling
Steve Mosby, Balling the Jack, Frank Baldwin
Juri Nummelin, Root of Evil, James Cross
Ian Rankin, I Was Dora Suarez, Derek Raymond
Darlene Ryan, The Jessica James Mysteries, Meg O"Brien
Sandra Ruttan, Polly Deacon series, H. Mel Malton
Will Thomas, The Big Bow Mystery, Israel Zangwill
Robert Ward, They Don't Dance Much, James Ross
Sharon Wildwood, Chosen for Death, Kate Flora
Woodstock, Stay of Execution, Stewart Alsop

August 1, 2008
Steve Allan, What Makes Sammy Run, Budd Schulberg
Joe Boland, Meeting Evil, Thomas Berger
Max Allan Collins, The Twisted Thing, Mike Hammer, Mickey Spillane
David Cranmer, Contrary Pleasure, John. D. MacDonald
Bill Cameron, The Mystery of the Witches Bridge, Barbie Oliver Carleton
Bill Crider, The Hereafter Gang. Neal Barrett, Jr.
Clair Dickson, Missing Persons, Fay Faron
Sean Doolittle, Fun with Occasional Music, Jonathan Lethem
Ed Gorman, Earthquake Weather, Terrill Lankford
Timothy Hallinan, Coffins' Got the Dead Guy on the Inside, Keith Snyder
Lesa Holstine, Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less, Jeffrey Archer
Randy Johnson, Adam Link Robot, Eando Bender
James McGoran, Serenade, James M. Cain
Medora, The Razor's Edge, W. Somerset Maugham
Terrie Farley Moran, One Thousand White Women, Jim Fergus
Derek Nikitas, God is a Bullet, Boston Teran
James Reasoner, Dead Men’s Letters, Erle Stanley Gardner
Matt Beynon Rees, The King Must Die, Mary Renault
James Lincoln Warner, The Three Mulla-Mulgares by Walter de la Mare
James Winter, On the Road, Jack Kerouac

July 25, 2008
Steve Allan, Getting Away With It, Steven Soderbergh
Patrick Shawn Bagley, Gunsights, Elmore Leonard
Joe Boland, Quick Change, Jay Cronley
David Cramner, A Trap for Fools, Amanda Cross
Bill Crider, Assault on Ming, Alan Caillou
Ed Gorman, The Pat Hobby Stories, F. Scott Fitzgerald
Kevin Guilfoile, The Stars My Destination, Alfred Bester
Lesa Holstine, The Pershing Pickle, Sandra Dallas
Randall Johnson, The Man Who Moved a Mountain, Richard C. Davids
Ed Lynskey, A Feast of Snakes, Harry Crews
John McAuley, The New Centurions, Joseph Wambaugh
Craig McDonald, Death Will Have Your Eyes, James Sallis
Paul McGoran, Deadlier Than the Male, James Gunn
Bill Peschel, Forgotten News, Jack Finney
Robert J. Randisi, The Falling Man, Mark Sadler
James Reasoner, Hopalong Cassidy, Clarence E. Mulford
Stephen Rogers, Death of a Citizen, Donald Hamilton
S.J. Rozan, This Perfect Day, Ira Levin
Andi Shechter, Raising Demons and Life Among the Savages, Shirley Jackson
Jay Tomio, The Last Hot Time, John M. Ford

July 18, 2008
Barbara D'Amato-HMS Ulysses, Alastair MacLean
David Cranmer, A Treasury of Great Mysteries, Haycraft and Belcroft
Bill Crider, Rafferty: Wrong Place, Wrong Time, W. Glenn Duncan
Jack Getze, Sleeping Dogs, Thomas Perry
Ed Gorman, Don't Cry for Me, William Campbell Gault
Lesa Holstine, A Dangerous Road, Kris Nelscott
Charlie Huston, Complicity, Iain Banks
Randy Johnson, Booked to Die, John Dunning
Colman Keene, Paco's Story, Larry Heinemann
Ken, The Anvil of the World, Kage Baker
Larry, Camp Concentration, Thomas Disch
Medora, Kristen Lavranstatter, Sigrid Undset
David Montgomery, Chinaman's Choice, Ross Thomas
Sandy Parshall, We Have Always Lived in a Castle, Shirley Jackson
James Reasoner, The Hangman of Sleepy Valley, David Dresser
Barrie Summy, Crackpot, Adele Wiseman
Jay Tomio Dossier, Stepan Chapman, Black Brillion, Matthew Hughes, Pandora, Holly Hollander, Coelestis, Paul Park, Sarah Canary, Karen Fowler, Brittle Innings, Michael Bishop
Dave White, Honor Among Thieves, Jeffrey Archer

July 11, 2008
Robert Gregory Browne, Control, William Goldman
Bill Crider, Death Tour, David J. Michael
Al Guthrie, Portrait in Smoke, Bill Ballinger
Woody Haut, Hard Rain Falling, Don Carpenter
Lesa Hostine, Bachelor Brother's Bed and Breakfast, Bill Richardson
Randy Johnson, Gone South, Robert McCammon
Claire Lamb, Kate Vaiden, Reynolds Price
Todd Mason, On Wings of Song, Thomas M. Disch
Craig McDonald, Four Corners of Night, Craig Holden
Karen E. Olson, Lockout, Lillian O'Donnell
Barrie Summy, The Sweet Second Season of Kitty Malone, Matt Cohen
Louise Ure, No Human Involved, Barabara Seranella, 2008

July 4, 2008
Kids' Forgotten Books for Friday, July 4, 2008

Patti Abbott-The Return of the Twelves, Pauline Clarke
Steve Allan-Something Wicked This Way Comes, Ray Bradbury
Patrick Shawn Bagley, The Great Brain, John Fitzgerald
David Cranmer, Dig Alley Space Edxplorers' Series by Joseph Green
Bill Crider, The 21 Balloons, William Pene DuBois
Travis Erwin, Where the Red Fern Grows, Wilson Rawls
Lesa Holstine, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, Betty MacDonald; Snow Treasure, Marie McSwigan, The Happy Hollisters, Jerry West
Randy Johnson, The Mushroom Series, Eleanor Cameron
Steve Lewis, Don Sturdy on the Desert of Mystery, Victor Appleton
Brian Lindenmuth, The Mouse and His Child, Russell Hoban
Todd Mason, The Loner, Ester Wier
Terrie Farley Moran, The Paperbag Princess, Robert Munsch
James Reasoner, The Rocket's Shadow, John Blaine
Sandra Ruttan, Twenty and Ten, Claire Huchet Bishop and Janet Joly
Susan Smith, The Ghost Next Door, Wylly Folk St. John
Sarah Weinman, The Golden Road, L.M. Montgomery

Adult Forgotten Books

Todd Mason, Signal Through the Flames, Mitch Snyder and America' Homeless, Victoria Rader; The Pleasure Tube, Robert Onopa; The Moon's Wife, A.A. Attanasio
Chuck Nichols, The Real Revolution: The Global Story of American Independence, Marc Armstrong
Mike Ripley, Watcher in the Shadows, Geoffrey Householder
Kirk Russell, Cutter and Bone, Newton Thornberg
Gerald So, The Fifth Profession, David Morrell
Jay Tomio, Black Brillon, Matthew Hughes
Medora, Kristin Lavransdatter, Sigrid Undset

June 27, 2008
Lori Armstrong, Naked in Death, J.D. Robb
Patrick Bagley, The Great Brain, John D. Fitzgerald
Joe Boland, Up in the Air, Walter Kirn
Gerard Brennan, The Salesman, Joesph O'Connor
Tony Broadbent, Funeral in Berlin, Len Deighton
Shannon Clute, New York Trilogy, Paul Auster
Bill Crider, Wolf House, Jack Lynch
Ed Gorman, Dog Soldiers, Robert Stone
Libby Hellman, Briarpatch, Ross Thomas
Lesa Holstine, Charms for the Easy Life, Kay Gibbons
Randy Johnson, The Mushroom Planet series, Eleanor Cameron
J.A. Konrath, Blackburn, Bradley Denton
Steve Lewis, Don Sturdy on the Desert of Mystery, Victor Appletion
Todd Mason, The Loner, Ester Wier
James Reasoner, The Ghosts of Elkhorn, Kerry Newcomb and Frank Schaefer
Peter Rozovsky, Bertie and the Seven Bodies, Peter Lovesey
Barry Summy, The Chrysalids, John Wyndham
Susan, Corpse de Ballet, Lucy Cores
David Thompson, The David Handler Series
Mary Ellen Walsh, Salvation, Lucia Nevai

June 20, 2008
Gerard Brennan, Joseph O'Connor, The Salesman
Lyman Feero, Robert Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
James Reasoner, Lewis B. Patten, Rope Law
Joe Boland, Thomas Perry, Island
Lesa Holstine, Stephen Cannell, King Con
David Corbett, Pete Dexter, God's Pocket
Bill Crider, Henry Kane, Too French and Too Deadly
Ed Gorman, John D. MacDonald, Border Town Girl
Steve Lewis, Donald Hamilton, The Ambushers
Robin Gorman Newman, Patrick McDonnell, The Gift of Nothing
Susan, Todd Borg, Tahoe Deathfall
Todd Mason, William Kotzwinke, The Exile
Lee Gold, Henrik Van Loon, Van Loon's Lives
Jim Ingraham, Kate Chopin, The Awakening

June 13, 2008

Patti Abbott, October Light, John Gardner
Joe Boland, Freak's Amour, Tom DeHaven
Gerard Brennan, Father Music, Dermot Bolger
Steve Brewer, The Tango Briefing, Adam Hall
Mark Coggins, Samurai Boogie, Peter Tasker
Bill Crider, One for Hell, Jada Davis
Deborah, Mother Love, Domini Taylor
Chris Holm, The Elementals, Michael McDowell
Ruth Jordan, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, George V. Higgins
Vince Keenan, Violence, Nudity and Adult Content, Vince Passaro
Larry, The Famished Road, Ben Okri
Steve Lewis, Pangolin, Peter Driscoll
Brian Lindenmuth, Four Kinds of Rain/Red Baker, Robert Ward
Tim Maleeny, Chinaman's Chance, Ross Thomas
Terrie Farley Moran, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith
James Reasoner, The Dark Brand, H. A. De Rosso
Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, Jamaica Inn, Daphne DuMaurier
Gerald So, The Spy Who Loved Me, Ian Fleming
Jay Tomio, Sarah Canary, Karen Joy Fowler
Jeri Westerson, The House on the Strand, Daphne DuMaurier

June 6, 2998

Robin Agnew, The Last Witness, K.J. Erickson
Patrick Shawn Bagley, When the River Flows North, Howard Frank Mosher
John Baker, Murphy, Samuel Beckett
Joe Boland, The Art of Losing, Keith Dixon
Julia Buckley, I Don't Kow How She Does It, Allison Pearson
Sean Chercover, Derek Rayond's Factory Series
Bill Crider, Down and Dirty, W.B. Murphy
Travis Erwin, You Never Believe Me: And Other Stories, Davis Grubb
Anne Fraiser, Uther and Igraine and Sorrell and Son, Warwick Deeping
Steve Hockensmith, I Am the Cheese, Robert Cormier
Caroline Leavitt, After Life, Rhian Ellis
Steve Lewis, 57, Chicago, Steve Monroe
Lee Lofland, Postmortem, Patricia Cornwell
Jeff Marks, Home, Sweet Homicide, Craig Rice
Russel McLean, The Shark-Infested Custard, Charles Willeford
Medora, Guard of Honor, James Gould Cozzens
James Reasoner, The Sharpshooters, John Benteen
Clea Simon, Crooked Man, Tony Dunbar
Jay Tomio, Brittle Innings, Michael Bishop 2008

May 30, 2008

Joe Boland, Lightening of the Sun, Robert Bingham
Gerard Brennan, Sacrifice of the Fools, Ian McDonald
Ken Bruen, Michigan Roll, Tom Kakonis
Bill Crider, The Hot-Shot, Fletcher Flora
Deborah (Knit Lady) Brat Farrar, Josephine Tey
Stephen Elliott, (an extensive list: see link from yesterday)
Alison Gaylin, The Dice Man, Luke Reinhart
Charles Gramlich, Desert Dog, Jim Kjelgaard
Lisa Kenney, The Dogs of March, Ernest Hebert
Kristy Kiernan, Into the Road, Adrienne Richard
Steve Lewis, Too Much Poison, Anne Rowe
Brian Lindenmuth, (an extensive list of forgotten Sci-Fi: see link)
Dick Lochte, The Honest Dealer, Frank Gruber
Stuart MacBride, Shooting Dr. Jack, Norman Green, Diamond Dove, Adrian Hyland
Todd Mason, Alfred Hitchcock: Stories to be Read with the Door Locked, edited by Harold Q. Masur
Jason Pinter, The Long Walk, Stephen King
Sandra Seaman, The Quiet Game, Greg Iles
Andi Shechter, Cut to the Quick, Kate Ross
Clea Simon, A Place of Greater Safety, Hilary Mantel
Wallace Stroby, The Rare Coin Score, Richard Stark
Dave Zeltserman, The Captain, Seymour Shubin

May 23, 2008
Dick Adler, When the Sacred Ginmill Closes, Lawrence Block
Steve Allan, Horse Latitudes, Robert Ferrigno
Bookwitch, Home, Sweet Homicide, Craig Rice
Bill Crider, Revenge, Jack Ehrlich
Lonnie Cruse, We Have Always Lived in a Castle, Shirley Jackson
Jenny Davidson, Colors Insulting to Nature, Cintra Wilson
Martin Edwards, Reputation for a Song, Edward Grierson
J.T. Ellison, Songs of Innocence, Richard Aleas (Charles Ardai)
Victor Gischler, Clans of the Alphane Moon, Philip K. Dick
Ed Gorman, Spree, Max Allan Collins
Lynne Hatwell (Dovegreyreader), The Scapegoat, Daphne Du Maurier
Laura Lippman, A Novel Called Heritage, Margaret Dukore
John McFetridge, Cutter and Bone, Newton Thornburg
Todd Mason, Trouble Valley, Lee Hoffman A.R. Pickett
(Woodstock’s Blog) Alas Babylon, Pat Frank
James Reasoner, Day of the Moon, Bill Prozini and Jeffrey Wallman
Linda Richards, Swann, Carol Shield

May 16, 2008

Steve Allan, Splinters of the Mind's Eye, Alan Dean Foster
Baglady, The Crystal Cave, Mary Stewart
Bookwitch, Sapper, Herman Cyril McNeile
Declan Burke, Wild at Heart, Barry Gifford
Bill Crider, The Night Remembers, Ed Gorman
Travis Erwin, The Me I Used to Be, Jennifer Archer
Ed Gorman, The Kidnappers, Robert Bloch and 361 by Donald Westlake
Kirsty, Other Stories and Other Stories, Ali Smith
Todd Mason, The Aleph and Other Stories 1933-1969
Tom Piccirilli, The Hunter, Richard Stark (Donald Westlake)
Sarah Weinman, The Late Man, James Preston Girard
Megan Powell, Cuckoo's Egg, C.J. Cherryh
James Reasoner, The Siamese Twin Mystery, Ellery Queen
Jeff Shelby, The Standoff, Chuck Hogan
Kevin Burton Smith, The January Corpse by Neil Albert
Shauna Sturge, Crossfire, Jeanette Windle
David Terrenoire, Cruddy, Lynda Barry
Sarah Weinman, The Late Man, James Preston Girard

May 9. 2008

Patti Abbott: Roseanna (Sjowal and Wahloo)
Steve Allan: The Giant's House (Elizabeth McCracken)
Stephen Blackmoore: On Strange Tides (Tim Powers)
Declan Burke: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Horace McCoy)
Bill Crider: The Assistant (Malamud), Passing Strange (Sale)
Sara Crowley: The Trick is to Keep Breathing (Janice Galloway)
Daniel Hatadi: Gun in Cheek (Bill Prozini)
Jen Jordan: One Man's Chorus (Burgess
Lisa Kenney: A Fine and Private Place (Peter Beagle)
Brian Lindenmuth: Scalped (Jason Aaron)
Todd Mason: The Lively Lives of Crispin Mobey (Gary Jennings
Terrie Farley Moran: The Great Divide (Terkel)
J. Kingston Pierce: The Lunatic Fringe (DeAndrea)
R2: The Criminalist (Izzi)
Keith Raffel: Kolymsky Heights (Davidson)
Peter Rozovsky: Harper and Iles series (Bill James)
Steven Torres: Moony's Road to Hell (Ramas)
Jim Winter: Blunt Darts (Healy)

May 2, 2008

Steve Allan, THE TEMPLE OF GOLD (Goldman)
Jennifer Archer, THE BRONZE HORSEMAN (Pauline Simmons)
William Boyle, FATHER AND SON (Larry Brown)
Declan Burke, THIEVES LIKE US (Anderson)
Clair Dickson, THE WESTING GAME (Raskin)
Ello, SILK (Alessandro Barrico)
Christa Faust, RUN (Douglas Winter)
Angie Johnson-Schmidt, SALLY'S IN THE ALLEY (Norbert Davis)
Katrina Kimble, THE RED TENT (Diamant)
Brian Lindenmuth, GENERATION LOSS ( E. Hand)
James Reasoner,SEVEN FACES (Max Brand)
Sandra Ruttan, THE 50/50 KILLER (Steve Mosley)
Kay Sexton, FRED AND EDIE (Jill Dawson)
Gerald So, SPADEWORK (Prozini) and Collected Poems (Justice)

April 25, 2008

Patti Abbott, Desperate Characters. Paula Fox
Patrick Shawn Bagley, The Dog of the South by Charles Portis
Bill Crider, City, Clifford D. Simak
Josephine Damian, Don't Let's Go to the Dog Tonight, Alexandria Fuller
Clair Dickson, The Lady in the Lake, Raymond Chandler
Ello, When the Elephants Dance, Tess Uriza
Eudamonia, The Price of Salt, Patricia Highsmith
Travis Erwin, The Rock Orchard, Paula Wall
Brian Lindenmuth, The God Files, Frank Turner
Sandra Ruttan, Dust Devils, James Reasoner
A.N. Smith, Scar Lover by Harry Crews
Sandra Scoppettone, Death of the Heart, Elizabeth Bowen


Unknown said...

Thanks, Patti. The project is this month's EQMM (I got my copy today), so maybe some folks will be checking your site for this info. Or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm excited to be joining such a full list in September.

Anonymous said...

Patti: Another great reason for people to look forward to Friday's.

Re: Grover of Sesame St.--I've always thought of him as a sweet,furry, stoner Smurf.

John McAuley.

pattinase (abbott) said...

John: do another one soon.
I guess Grover does have that aspect about him.