Friday, August 29, 2008

The Summing Up, Friday, August 29, 2008

Thanks so much to these fantastic people (excluding myself, of course). Please join us in September. As the days grow short, this list might too.

Patti Abbott, Some Unknown Person, Sandra Scoppettone
Paul Bishop, Teffen, Lyndon Mallet; Shadow of a Broken Man, George Chesbro
David Cranmer, A Treasurey of Great Mysteries, Vol. 2, Haycraft and Beecroft
Bill Crider, Bridge of Birds, Barry Hughart
Denise Dietz, Shop Talk, Lizzie Hart; Cat Tracks, Gordon Aalborg
Lesa Holstine, The Night She Died, Dorothy Simpson
Randy Johnson, Daybreak 2250 A.D. (Star Man's Song) Andre Norton
Marc Lecard, The Black Path of Fear, Cornell Woolrich
Steve Lewis, Seven Suspects, Michael Innes
Jeffrey Marks, Nine Times Nine, Anthony Boucher
Edward Marston, The Three Coffins, John Dickson Carr
John McFetridge, St. Famous, Jonathan Coe
Patti O'Brien, Happy All the Time, Laurie Colwin
Clea Simon, Those Who Hunt the Night, Barbara Hambly
Kerri Smith, The Double Image, Helen MacInnes
Anthony Rainone, Cop Hater, Ed McBain
James Reasoner, Acapulco GPO, Day Keene
Gerald So, The Complete Poetic Works of Michael Madson
August West, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, George Higgins


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