Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Life at the Theater: Sideman

I saw SIDEMAN twice. The first time was in New York at the John Golden Theater in 1999 with Andrew McCarthy, Michael O'Keefe and Kevin Geer. It concerns the life of a jazz trumpet player, but one who never achieved stardom. It also concerned his failures as a a husband and father.

It was on Broadway for almost two years.

I saw in again in 2006 at the Hilberry Theater in Detroit.

I can't remember being that taken with it the first time, but we probably had season tickets at the Hilberry that year.

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Dana King said...

I've never seen SIDEMAN, but I've read it. A good friend of mine plays principal trumpet in the Memphis Symphony and was coaching the actor who played the trumpet player on little things like how to hold the horn, what proper breathing looked like, etc. He scored me a copy. The written version was excellent. I hope to see it someday.minateden