Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tell Me This Is Not for Real!

Police Checkpoint (yet another addition to your children's imagination)

Playmobile's Security Checkpoint.

A new toy from Playmobile becomes the industry standard on how to create paranoid kids. I wonder how eager Connor and Ella will be to get on a plane for Disneyworld next spring.

I doubt that this guy/gal would have gotten through without removing his scarf, shoes and sweater. And what are those horseshoe hands all about?

Inventive kids will spend time inventing ways to elude detection, making the security system obsolete in a few years.

Now truly, how much play potential is in a toy like this? OTOH, maybe my grandson will see the toy as the still elusive car wash. Four weeks later, he's still looking for one. And you must check out customer reviews on amazon

(Hat tip to Monkey Cage)


Lisa said...


pattinase (abbott) said...

I can't imagine it having more than a few minutes' play in it. And Playmobile is expensive!


That's scary

Charles Gramlich said...

We continue our slide into "Bizzarro world"

pattinase (abbott) said...

I'm still hoping someone will tell me it's a hoax.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Pattinase,

Remember that the realistic military action figure G.I. Joe was introduced in 1964, the year before the USA sent combat troops into Vietnam, although military advisors had started to arrive by 1950.

Parallels? Likely only the instinct for lucre and giving people what they want.

But, I am appalled, though not surprised, to see this.

Potentially this is meant as a mocking gesture; I would support that fully, though I suspect I hope in vain.

If it is a hoax, please let us know.


Sepiru Chris said...

Ooh, do we have skewer holders to hold the Amazon customer reviews?