Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Latest Meme

Joe Louis reading

Answering Linda Richard/Bill Cameron's meme. Please do this on your blog if you haven't already. I wonder who invented this meme thing.

Sixteen Things About Me

If I eat cake standing up, it doesn't count. Seriously I have never gained an ounce eating cake this way.

I have never owned an animal. Dogs especially seem to sense this and constantly try to win me over to their cause. But I do not budge.

There are episodes of Seinfeld and Frasier I have seen more than 20 times. It's cheaper than antidepressants.

I have had insomnia since I was seven. I will try any remedy offered to me. You can't imagine what some of the offers I've accepted have been.

I get hiccups louder than anyone else on the face of the earth. I dare you not to laugh your head off the next time. You will laugh so hard you will get hiccups too.

I would vote for a Democrat over a Republican every time. Seriously, I would vote for the Democratic Governor of Illinois over any Republican who ran against him. I just can't remember his name. Or pronounce it.

I don't drive. It just happened.

My husband and I have never had a serious fight. I can't go to bed without apologizing and he can't sleep without forgiving me.

I am always glad when Christmas is over and we can get down to the real business of surviving winter.

I like to read the TV guide while watching television.

The sound of Chris Mathews voice scares me, which is nuts since I am from Philly and have much the same voice.

I hate to go down to the basement and avoid it whenever possible; there are bogey men down there. Ask any kid.

I didn't drink until I turned 48. It seemed like the right time to start.

I see at least one movie a week at a theater and sometimes 2 or 3. I fall asleep when I watch them on DVD. Or wander off. Or read. Really, right now I am watching a movie on DVD.

I would like to believe in God but I can't. Yet I pray all the time.

I only started writing because the class on Native American culture got canceled and poetry writing was at the
same time.


Sandra Ruttan said...

Sorry to tell you that it isn't the latest, and you've been tagged again.

And you have Brian to blame for it. The meme was his idea.

Well, I suppose I didn't have to actually do it...

Todd Mason said...

Actually, it was Chris Mathews who invented the meme. No, it wasn't. But it's not his accent that puts any sane person off, it's his braying self-regard and general cluelessness, particularly about what a sexist he at very least appears to be.

You don't really get to own animals, at least pets, no matter what the legal obligations are. You keep them, and that's about it.

Ibuprofen usually makes me sleepy, though I might be rare in this, but I'm usually weary these days, and taking it for muscle aches. Good practice for my older years, I'm sure.

Dead dog Democrat, eh? Would that have included Joe Lieberman versus the relatively sensible centrist Republican Lowell Weicker, had you been a Connie in the proper time frame? I suspect I will never be a Yellow Dog Green.

Well, there probably aren't any gods, but serendipity nudged you toward self-aware writing life. Thank goodness.

pattinase (abbott) said...

It won't let me change it to black. Sorry. Maybe it's better for people not to be able to read it.

Barbara Martin said...

I'm having trouble reading the light coloured lines so I've likely missed something.

Todd Mason said...

Well, if you read it in the Comment page ("Show Original Post") or highlight it with your cursor, you can get the whole magilla in legible form (I'll leave it to Patti if this is a good thing or not).

pattinase (abbott) said...

With my great tech skill, it only took me 30 minutes to figure out I had to change it to black line by line. Good think I'm at the office today and not doing laundry.

Linda L. Richards said...

I have the cure for insomnia: it's all a matter of perspective. See, I *used* to have insomnia. For the last decade or so, I just work funny hours. (And a lot of them!) It's made it all much easier to deal with. Sleep? Bah! Who needs it? There's always work wants doing anyway.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Believe it or not, I've tried ignoring it Linda, Just got too tired. Right now, I'm trying magnesium which helps.