Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Phanton Lady

I watched  PHANTOM LADY a few nights ago, starring Ella Raines and Franchot Tone, Alan Curtis and the great Thomas Gomez, and although it was interesting, the plot holes seemed enormous. How did the villain know what the patsy was doing while he was killing his wife well enough to go out and bribe the witnesses into saying they hadn't seen the woman wearing the hat. Maybe someone can help me here. Did I fall asleep? I thought it was a weird but not very good film. So much of the acting seemed off. and Tone seemed miscast. I have the book somewhere if I can only find it.


Al Tucher said...

Elisha Cook Jr`s finest hour came 14 years later in the quite superb 1958 version of HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL starring Vincent Price, what a marvelous cult movie that is with such an astonishing re-watchability factor.

Elgin Bleecker said...

Patti – For me, noir movies like this one are about the feelings of fear, paranoia, disorientation and danger they generate in an audience. They are like being in a scary dream. The dream my not make sense, but the emotions you feel are real. At least that is how I view them.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Oh, that's a good way to look at it, Elgin, and pretty much what my husband said. Anxious to read the book and see if the plot holes were there or created by a director eager for a more woozy, jazzy feel.