Friday, April 13, 2012

The Summing Up, Friday, April 13, 2012

MacDonald Reviews

Patti Abbott, April Evil

Scott Cupp, Ballroom of the Skies

Bill Crider, Weep For Me

Roger Ebert column

Cullen Gallagher, Cry Hard, Cry Fast

Ed Gorman, interivew and commentary

Jerry House, Wine of the Dreamers

Randy Johnson, Slam the Big Door

Nick Jones, The Only Girl in the Game

George Kelley, The Price of Murder

B.V. Lawson, More Good Stuff

Steve Lewis, Linda

Steve Lewis.David Vineyard, The Only Girl in the Game

Todd Mason, MacDonald's short stories

Jeff Meyerson, Border Town Girl

J.F. Norris, The Drowner

Olman, All These Condemned

Deb Pfeifer, The Dreadful Lemon Sky

David Rachels, Soft Touch

James Reasoner, Darker Than Amber

Richard Robinson, The Quick Red Fox

Steve Scott, The Empty Trap

Bill Selnes, Pale Gray for Guilt

Kevin Tipple/Barry Ergang, Breathe No More

John Weagly, Border Town Girl

Non JDM choices

Yvette Banek, Reed's Promise, John Clarkson

Joe Barone, Frost at Christmas. R.D. Wingfield

Brian Busby, The Cruise of the Albatross, Grant Allen

Scott Cupp, Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny Vol. 1

Martin Edwards, To Wake the Dead, John Dickson Carr

Marjorie KInberg, Cop Hater. Ed McBain

Rob Kitchin, A Dirty Job, Christoper Moore

Evan Lewis, The Super Devil, Carroll John Daly

Ron Scheer, When We Were Wolves, Jon Billman

Kerrie Smith, Winterwood and Other Hauntings, Keith Robers

TomCat, Too Many Women, Rex Stout

Zybahn, Killerbot, Dean R. Koontz; The Aggravation of Elmer, Robert Arthur



Todd Mason said...

Zybahn's link got "colonized" by TomCat's...not unlike the depredations of the house's tomcat on Alice's books and bookshelf...

Todd Mason said...

for Z's 2 short stories...

J F Norris said...

As with the Westlake tribute I am amazed as so little overlap. Looks like ther were only two repeats (three if you count the movie review of "LINDA" by Steve Lewis. Pretty good coverage - and as I expected BOTH his SF novels got mentioned. Excellent work by all. I have some great recommendations and good reading ahead of me this summer. I definitely need to find a copy of THE ONLY GIRL IN THE GAME.

Thanks for the idea, Patti, and to all the contributors I give a round of digital applause.