Sunday, June 28, 2009

THE SUMMIMG UP, Friday, June 26, 2009

Suzanne Pleshette reading.

You can find all fifteen months worth of forgotten books here.

Craig Clarke, Road to Purgatory, Max Allan Collins
Bill Crider, You Play the Black and the Red Comes Up, Richard Hallos
Tim Davis, Double Cross Bind, Joel Ross
Martin Edwards, Praying Mantis, Hubert Moneteilhet
Ed Gorman, The Lodger, Marie Belloc Lowndes
Randy Johnson, Los Angeles A.D. 2017, Phillip Wylie
Chris Jones, Shannon's Express, Charles E. Friend
George Kelley, Miracle in Three Dimensions, C.L. Moore
Todd Marson, Partners in Wonder, Harlan Ellison
Eric Peters, The Takers, Jerry and Sharon Ahern
Stephanie Pintoff, Trent's Last Case, E.C. Bentley
Kerrie Smith, Murderous Remedy, Stella Shepherd
R.T. Sentenced to Die, J.A. Jance.
John Weagly, Hard-boiled, edited by Bill Pronzini and Jack Adrian


Todd Mason said...

Wow. There's a way of setting up one's blog, such as Chris's and several others', that won't let me post at all (a plus, I suppose). So this was my reply to Chris's initial post:

Jazz, of course, has a specific meaning, albeit "all that jazz" as an idiom hasn't helped that (quite aside from the original meaning being "sex," even as to "rock and roll" meant originally to copulate). I was wondering why you didn't call it Western Swing, but now I know...Eastwood is wrong, Yanks have developed a number of artforms, but that was the cliche by the time Eastwood said it (for obvious additions, try the detective story, which was of course seized upon around the world [as were jazz and the Western] and blues [to some extent likewise]). One could go on.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I only write a blog to hear from other people so it's tough to imagine why people don't want comments. Maybe there's something amiss.