Saturday, June 13, 2009


Woman reading.

I am dying to see EVERY LITTLE STEP and UP but my husband is resistant to musicals and animated films. Okay, I dragged him to the broadway show of A CHORUS LINE twice but this is the DOCUMENTARY.
And I made him see one too many supposedly adult animated films. He just didn't get WALL-E.
Do you and your partner or friends have difficulty in choosing a movie you both will like?

I remember the debates in the video stores before I got complete control of the process with NETFLIX (he hates to do online noodling).
How do you work it out?


David Cranmer said...

No problem at all. We have many of the same interests when it comes to films.

Chris said...

Didn't get Wall-E? For shame!

Kat and I do okay in that regard, although occasionally we disagree. I still haven't seen the third LOTR, so annoyed was she at sitting through the first two. (Admittedly, the second one dragged.)

More often, I convince her to go see something I want to see, and NEITHER of us like it. In a way, that's worse, because she'll use it for leverage later, and I didn't even enjoy it in the first place!

Cullen Gallagher said...

I saw Every Little Step at the New Directors/New Films series at Lincoln Center/MoMA here in NYC. I didn't really care for it - that said, I think it will still be a hit, particularly among those who like the musical. Everyone else in my screening was very enthusiastic about it - but they were also familiar with the musical, which I've never seen before.

A group of friends of mine meet up to see old movies in the theater once or twice a month. Other than that, I mostly watch movies alone.

Charles Gramlich said...

Lana and I don't have the exact same tastes but we can usually find something to agree on, even if it's how bad a movie is.

Iren said...

I think that when it comes to things like movies or concerts, it is best to not push/drag anyone who's not interested to go. Go by yourself if you have to, consider it your 'Me' time. Then again, I'm single, what do I know.

George said...

My wife loves romantic comedies and I love action movies. I will go to a few romantic comedies with her--like DEFINITELY MAYBE and THE PROPOSAL--but many times my wife spares me by going to see those films with a friend or our daughter. And I usually go see the action movies by myself.

pattinase (abbott) said...

He did like Coraline though and we didn't realize we weren't seeing it 3D until it was too late.
A group is fun. We do that every once in a while--like for GOMORROH, although we had wildly different takes.
He likes horror movies; I don't. I like musicals; he doesn't. It's not something we ever fight over...much.
I don't drive. GULP. So seeing it by myself is not an option.

Cullen Gallagher said...

I don't drive either, Patti, which is why I love New York and rarely leave. But when I lived in Maine, it meant the only movies I saw were either ones my friends saw, or things I saw on video. But since the nearest "good" theater was an hour and a half away, we didn't go there very often.

Iren said...

You don't drive-- maybe it's a chance for him to drop you off and then go do something that he likes that you are not really into? Or maybe he goes to see Drag me to Hell and you see UP and then you can tell each other about the films on the drive home.

Jerry House said...

My wife's only fault: she falls for the SciFi Channel's previews of-made-for tv movies every time: "That sounds really good!" Sure, dear.

word verification: wring -- that thing I do with my hands during those Sci-Fi Channel movies

Cormac Brown said...

Ever since The Teen was born, The Missus is not fond of violence in films and I believe I will be seeing "Public Enemies" by myself. On the same note, it's amazing that she will edit my work at all.

I still have two cards that I'm saving up, as we have seen Merce Cunningham twice (neither time by my choice) and I'll never get those hours of my life back. Nothing is worse than seeing modern dance and having a man (who was then) in his seventies, insist on being the focal point of all the pieces.

pattinase (abbott) said...

We do that sometimes.
Saw Every Little Step. Wasn't as good as I expected. But I give it Dance 10, Plot 5.

Todd Mason said...

Alice, my ex-apartment/housemate, recently explained that most of the reason she doesn't want to see many serious films is that she sees enough human misery in the course of her work as a clinical psychiatrist. Hence her penchant for animated fare and goofy comedies, though she also like a good horror film such as LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. Occasionally I persuade her to see the likes of WITH A FRIEND LIKE HARRY to her pleasant surprise. The worst "trade" experience we've had so far was the day we saw her MISS CONGENIALITY and my O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU? and were both rather impressed by, if not actually suffering through, both.

If I want to see something enough, I'll go alone...though in these days, it's rare that I'll make a heroic effort, such as public transportation for any length of time, to see something on my own. Last solo theater experience--the goofy but pretty SUNSHINE (eating Chinese takeout in the fine Ritz East, no less)(all of which improved this experience considerably), and a quick subway ride to catch a double feature of LITTLE CHILDREN and SHORTBUS, two more not great but interesting enough films. But this gives you some idea of the time stretch I'm dealing with here.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I just have never got much out of watching movies at home. I need the dark, the big screen, the smell and taste of popcorn.

Todd Mason said...

That's odd. I'm sure, but apparently mistakenly, I typed "unimpressed by" in re: MISS CONGENIALITY and O BROTHER. Oh, well. No, it's not the same, at home, even on a big screen. Sometime better, sometimes worse, always different, even with better popcorn.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Chris-Funny this- Sometimes the one of us who chose it ends up liking it less or vice-versa. He's easier than I am.

the walking man said...

Two televisions, each with a capacity for different whatever to play on them at the same time.

We just had AT&T U Verse installed and I will admit I like it a lot for the wide variety of stuff shown. U 300 was the TV package.

The PC speed is pretty good at 3mg
and the phone is VOIP but it has some interesting features. You can get a list of phone numbers that have called you on your TV and it will call them back.

About $150 a month for all three, including $14 extra for two extra receivers.

On the other and we don't spend our entertainment $ on going out to theaters because most of the time the people we have encountered
are the talkers, chewers, bag rustlers. GRRRR!

Scott D. Parker said...

Mostly, my wife and just see movies just because they look good. I'm in touch with my feminine side enough to dig chick flicks and she'll go see SF stuff with me. It's lucky that Robert Downey, Jr. was Iron Man so I didn't have to convince her. Ditto for Harry Potter (she's read them). She loved LotR movies.

Saw "UP" today. Incredible film. Pixar is 10 for 10 in good films. The themes in UP are very deep and engrossing and may take multiple viewings (when I get the DVD) to fully comprehend. UP, like Wall-E, The Incredibles, Ratitoille, and, to some extent, Finding Nemo, have major adult themes in an "animated feature." It's very good to see.