Sunday, June 28, 2009

PULP PRESS Seeks Submissions

Donna Reed reading.


Pulp Press are currently considering submissions. We are looking for well written pulp fiction style stories, 23,000 words, featuring vengeance and comeuppance, the more extreme the better. Seriously, go to town. We want these to be feel good efforts where the reader puts the book down and is left with the sense that justice has been done rather than cautionary tales. Science fiction and westerns will be welcomed, though; if you do write crime chestnuts, something that doesn't promote coppers (i.e. a vigilante protagonist as opposed to a police person, now matter how hard bitten he/she is) will be preferred. Send first three chapters and synopsis, along with S.A.E to:
Pulp Press
25 Eastern Place
Please note: If you submit work without having previously read a Pulp Press effort then it's your own damn fault if you get rejected. So cowboy up


David Cranmer said...

Good stuff. Thanks for the link!

Barbara Martin said...

This sounds interesting. Thanks, Patti.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'll definitely check this out. Thankee.