Saturday, February 07, 2009

Flash Fiction Note

Girls reading.

Will everyone posting a story on the 10th, send their blog address, story title and name (or Mystery Dawg's address at Powder Burn Flash) here and to Gerald So by Sunday, the 8th. Don't want to take any chances with missing someone. I finally finished mine and hope you'll be joining me.


Paul D Brazill said...

Hi Patti,

I sent my story, Red Winter, to Aldo to appear at Powder Burn Flash.

I will mention it on my blog 'you would say that, wouldn't you?'

Take good care

Paul Brazill

r2 said...

Is it better to send our stories to Aldo to print or put them on our own blog? I don't really blog 'cuz I'm lazy so it's a blog in name only. But I'd be happy to do it either way.

Unknown said...


I sent my story, the Word, over to Aldo. Man, this was tough but fun. I'm finding it harder and harder to keep my stories under a thousand words these days.

WellesFan said...

My story "Choices Made" will be on my blog:

r2 said...

Here is the link to my story, SEND IN THE CLOWNS:

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

My story, "One More Mess," will run on


Ray said...

'Behind The Mask' to be published at

Anonymous said...

Just sent Bad Break to Aldo.