Tuesday, February 03, 2009

February Love Going Out

To Sandra Scoppettone who has been a friend, mentor, inspiration, fount of wisdom and faithful correspondent to me for two years now.
I can't thank her enough for giving me an experienced voice to come to with questions and a heart to come to with problems. She shoots straight from the hip and I appreciate that the most. How many writers of nineteen books make time for a writer of a few short stories? Not many. Thanks for all of it.


Sandra Scoppettone said...

What a surprise. Thank you. But I don't feel that I've done anything special. You're an interesting person and a very good writer. You're also funny. I've learned a lot from you, too.

Full disclosure: We've met once.

Barbara Martin said...

This is very nice, Patti, to show one's appreciation to another.