Friday, September 26, 2008

The Summing Up, Friday, September 26, 2008

Next week I'll post a combination of reviews of forgotten books and reviews or discussion of banned books. I'll probably do the forgotten books first and then the banned books a few hours later so as not to confuse. Please feel free to submit either (OR BOTH), just give me a day or two jump on it since I continue to have blogger problems. The following week, we'll take a week off for Bouchercon but resume in full force on October 17th.

Thanks for all of the wonderful reviews over the last six months.

Suzanne Aruda, Trader Horn, Alfred Aloysius Horn
Patrick Shawn Bagley, Hell House, Richard Matheson
Paul Bishop, The Golden Keel, Desmond Bagley
David Cranmer, High Lonesome, Louis L'Amour
Bill Crider, (writing from the Kroger's store in Alvin, TX) The (Old) Man in the Corner (Baroness Orczy
Jane Finnis, The Caves of Steel, Issac Asimov
Lesa Holstine,
The Good Friday Murder, Lee Harris
Randy Johnson,
The Other, Tom Tryon
Brian Lindenmuth,
The Jones Men, Verne Smith
Rafe McGregor,
The Night of the Generals, Hans Hellmut Kirst
The Sense of the Past, Henry James
Terrie Farley Moran, First Mothers: The Women Who Shaped Presidents, Bonnie Angelo
Scott D. Parker,
Top of the Heap, Erle Stanley Gardner
Nancy Pickard,
Why They Kill, Richard Rhodes
James Reasoner,
The Fast Buck, Ross Laurence
Kerrie Smith,
When in Rome, Ngaio Marsh
Susan Smith,
The Last Refuge, Chris Knopf
Barry Summy,
The Last of the Crazy People, Timothy Findley
Wallace Stroby, The Out is Death, Peter Rabe
Tom Whitmore,
King & Joker, Peter Dickson


debra said...

I've written a post about banned books, too. Glad to see that the issue is getting attention.

Randy Johnson said...

Patti, I'll take The Wonderful Wizard of Oz if no one else has laid a claim.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Great, Randy. Thanks so much. Patti