Thursday, September 25, 2008

Banned Books Week: Reading Lolita in Dubuque

Librarians across the country want you to know.....


Josephine Damian said...


Been back for weeks (seems longer), but am already planning my next hiatus.

Like you, I'm a campaign worker for Obama and tomorrow I'll be Twittering from a debate party (at a cigar bar!) with the other campaign workers.

Will finish the first draft of my thesis this weekend, or Monday, and on Wednesday I'll be attending a big double-murder trial here, and live blogging about the murders and the trial from the courthouse.

Then it'll be time for the Maass workshop.

I'll be participating in the Friday book club in a few weks assnd have already scheduled that post. Will send you link when post drops.

No rest for the weary!

How's you're second novel coming along? Poltics sure are a big distraction from writing!

Steve Allan said...

Did you happen to notice that none of the officials in those photos are reading Nabokov, but are reading the Tehran book instead?

Anonymous said...

Take a guess what the photographer had handy.