Thursday, September 06, 2012

My Life at the Theater: DON'T DRESS FOR DINNER

Yes, he's the guy in BURN NOTICE.

We saw this at the Stoll Moss Theater in London in 1994, I think. It seems to be one of those shows that either delight or appall the audience based on online comments. Not sure where we stood on it because I don't remember it at all. It was a sequel to Boeing, Boeing, by Mark Camoletti.


Anonymous said...

It certainly got mediocre to poor reviews when they tried to revive it in New York following the success of BOEING BOEING. We've seen a few things like it over the years in London but they never seen to make a successful transition here - RUN FOR YOUR WIFE comes to mind.

We never saw this one.

Jeff M.

neer said...

Hi Patti

Her's my entry for FFB: Mary Roberts Rinehart's The Window at the White Cat:


J F Norris said...

That clip isn't funny in the least. You should've picked one with Spencer Kayden (as the French girlfriend) - she was the best thing in that show. And the British accents, with the exception of the guy on the couch, are very poor for professiional actors.

I don't really understand why anyone is producing these kinds of frothy sex farces these days. They're so innocuous compared to the kind of raunchy sex comedies that are popular in the movies.