Thursday, January 02, 2020

My Favorite Movies of the Decade

My favorite 25 movies of the decade.

1. Calvary (Irish)
2. Moonlight (US)
3. 45 Years (UK)
4. Phantom Thread (US)
5. Roma (Mexico)
6. First Reformed (US)
7. Carol (US)
8. Phoenix ( German)
9  Social Network (US)
10 A Separation ( Iran)
11. Great Beauty ( Italian)
12. Before Midnight (US)
13 Under the Skin (US)
14. Ladybird (US) 1
15 Inside Llewyn Davis (US)
16 Certified Copy ( multiple countries)
17 Amour (French)
18 A War (Danish)
19 Lady MacBeth (UK)
20. American Honey (US)
21 Force Majeure (multiple countries),
22 Weekend (UK)
23 Locke (UK)
24 Gone Girl (US)
25 Get Out (US)


Jeff Meyerson said...

I haven't seen them all (obviously), but some good choices there. Jackie would not approve of your #1, which was way too much of a downer for her, but the one I couldn't watch was GONE GIRL, much as I couldn't read the book. MOONLIGHT and ROMA are two favorites of mine.

pattinase (abbott) said...

It was only on my second watch of GONE GIRL that I realized how influential to books and movies it was.

Todd Mason said...

I'm interested in why it's unwatchable for Jeff, and what made it on further consideration not only influential but brilliant for you, Patti. I thought the film and the book technically good but set in a world, as has been all the Gillian Flynn writing and related I've read or encountered so far, where no one gets past adolescence at any point in their lives. I suppose that is an argument that has plenty of evidence all around us. Nonetheless, the uniformity of her assertion, as I see it, hasn't convinced me yet.

It's actually something akin to why I can't take John Irving at all seriously as a novelist.