Sunday, July 15, 2018

Things That Are Making Me Happy

Cried my way through WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR (Film about Mr. Rogers) . I am wondering if the fictional version with Tom Hanks can possibly do more justice to him than the doc. Kindness is what he was teaching.

I am reading DARE ME again. I think Megan has changed it a lot for the pilot. Certainly she has  added more adults and more boys. She said a lot of old Mad Men actors are auditioning. I guess we have seen a lot of Jon Hamm in the three years since but not many of the others. So odd to hear about her hiring a musical supervisor, a lighting guy, etc. How mind-boggling it must all be. And, of course, she starts her book tour tomorrow at BOOK ARE MAGIC in Brooklyn so her co showrunner, Gina Fattore, is handling a lot of it in Toronto.When did the term showrunner get started?

It was certainly nice to hear her on NPR Sunday morning.

Grateful for the friends who are getting me out to movies and lunches and such.

LEAVE NO TRACE was a very good movie. Good acting, directing, sets. There were no villains-people were doing their best...except for what war does to the men and women who fight it. And the families they bring their PTSD home to.

I hold in my hand, my "perhaps" father's service registration card from 1940. At that time, he worked for Yarnall-Waring Co. in Philly. He lived in North Hills, Pa, which was very near where I grew up. So odd. If it is him, he was so close and yet so far. 

What about you?


Steve Oerkfitz said...

Leave No Trace is on my too see list.
Been reading some good books. Finished The Woman In the Woods by John Connelly. One of the best in the series. Finishing Bearskin a first novel by James McLaughlin. A sort of rural noir. Very well written. Up next The Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz and the new Dan Fesperman.
Went to see Ant Man and the Wasp. Entertaining but instantly forgettable.
Binge watched The Shining City on Netflix. I wonder if anyone else recognized the main characters ex husband as the same actor who played Dewey Crowe on Justified. Started watching Sacred Games, also on Netflix.

His Secret Obsession said...
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pattinase (abbott) said...

Been contemplating rewatching JUSTIFIED, although skippin the one lousy season (#3?)
Been rewatching BARRY, which didn't quite grab me first time around. I think my attention span is way off and I should only watch things I already saw or don't care about.

Anonymous said...

I really must watch Won't You Be My Neighbor. And I'm excited for Megan's success!

Jeff Meyerson said...

Holy Sh!t! We're watching SECRET (not SHINING) CITY and I absolutely did NOT recognize the ex-husband as Dewey Crowe. He does not make a good looking woman. I'm a big fan of Anna Torv from FRINGE. Patti, if you are rewatching you need to watch the series of JUSTIFIED with Margo Martindale (#2), who deservedly won an Emmy. We finished watching 12 MONKEYS, which wrapped things up nicely, and we enjoyed Hugh Grant and (especially) Ben Whishaw in A VERY ENGLISH SCANDAL. We're also enjoying another Aussie series, WANTED, about two very disparate women accidentally on the run together after witnessing a botched hit. It's actually lighter than you'd imagine.

I have Megan's book ready to be picked up at the library. Nearly done with the collection of Chekhov stories, with the second collection of Harry Dresden stories by Jim Butcher up next. Also finishing Neal Shusterman's second Arc of a Scythe book (THUNDERHEAD), and I'm reading Lorrie Moore's book of reviews, essays and commentary.

We really enjoyed the Shania Twain concert at Barclays Center on Saturday night. It's not our usual thing, and the audience was a lot of groups of women who were really enjoying themselves, but it was a really fun two hours. If you like her music at all, check it out.

This week: the revival of SMOKEY JOE'S CAFE, a jukebox musical featuring the songs of Leiber and Stoller, followed by 78 year old Dion (DiMucci) in concert on Staten Island Friday night. It's fun taking the ferry over there from the Battery, and he always puts on a good show.

George said...

Loved the NPR interview with Megan!

We are back in the 90s today. Western NY is cooking!

My review of LEAVE NO TRACE will be up on my blog tomorrow.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Phil loved SECRET CITY. Now he is watching SPIES OF WARSAW. We saw and liked WANTED last spring. We saw SMOKEY JOE'S CAFE in Venice, FL and liked it. Dion was my fourteen year old favorite.
Thanks, George. Hope you both like the book.

Jerry House said...

I'm glad for Megan's well-deserved success.

I do like and admire Fred Rogers. My wife, not so much ever sense which had a shoemaker making shoes while his wife cooked and cleaned -- not the message she wanted our two young girls to have. My brother once dated a girl who had a recurring gig on MR. ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD.

Happiness this week included the Chinese food we had to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday.

Another one having a birthday is our grandson Jack, who turned six today. We will celebrate by going to (shudder) Chuckie Cheese.

Enjoyed watching the last three episodes of JACK TAYLOR, which I had somehow missed earlier. TV Jack has a much better life than book Jack.

I finished my current Joan Aiken short story binge and finished reading all of August Derleth's short stories available online. I have a pile of Poul Anderson collections ahead of me.

Christina gave Jessamyn an orange fez and it looks great on her! Jessie's doing well, tires easily but had a great attitude. Next round of chemo coming up tomorrow.

It's still too damned hot here. July in Florida, what do you expect? We've had thunderstorms every day for the past few weeks, but they have nothing to relieve the heat.

Have a great week, Patti.

Jeff Meyerson said...

I have the book SPIES OF WARSAW - as well as most of Furst's other books - but, of course, haven't read it.

I like our access to Australian and New Zealand series, as well as Norwegian, Danish, and other Europeans. They aren't all to our taste, but it is great having them available. (For instance, Jackie is enjoying BED OF ROSES, but it isn't appealing to me.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I don't mind reading subtitles on movies but find it tiring on TV so I skip most of them.
Phil's fatigue is extreme on the second set of chemo treatments, on one series of radiation and two surgeries with a third in a few weeks. And worse now with this fistula. He is at the Cancer Center now trying to get some pain relief. Where are those opiods when you need them. And no, tylenol and motrin are not as effective with real pain.

Rick Robinson said...

I don't watch any of those TV series the rest of you do, not go to movies, so my time is spent reading, gardening (more on that in a minute), working on jigsaw puzzles - a 1000 piece one now that's very difficult - and doing the usual chores and errands. Currently I'm nearly finished with the second in an "epic fantasy" series Legends of the First Empire, AGE OF SWORDS, which follows AGE OF MYTH. The third in the series is AGE OF WAR which I have on hold at the library, but there is a long wait for it. Unfortunately, the series has six volumes, and though they are all written, the publisher is releasing them one-a-year, so the next will be published in 2019. Sigh. Though honestly I'm liking but not loving the books so far, which are each nearly 500 pages long. By the way, I've never liked the term "epic fantasy" which is why it's in quotes here and above.

I also have two other books from the library sitting here, one by Anthony Horowitz, but I'm not getting to them. Heaven knows when I'll get back to my TBR stack.

It's bloody hot. We've been in the 90s, nearly 100 yesterday. I have an intense dislike (hate is not too strong a word) of heat like this, it's one of the reasons we moved from southern California, and the Summers here have been getting hotter each year, it seems. We have a nice garden but it needs to be watered in Summer and our water bill is astronomical. It's so hot I'm thinking of shaving off my beard. I'd grow it back in October...

Speaking of the Garden, our lilies are just magnificent this year. The fragrance in the front garden is wonderful.

Rick Robinson said...

I forgot to name the author of the fantasy series, Michael J. Sullivan.

Mathew Paust said...

I've just pre-ordered Give Me Your Hand and am eagerly anticipating the pause in my Arkady Renko marathon to read it!

My morning walking buddy is about halfway thru her second go at the Camino de Santiago in Spain, leaving me to solo up and down the hilly streets of Gloucester (Va) where we trained before she left with husband and daughter three weeks ago for the Big Walk. Helping her train built up my endurance as well, and I'm doing about 5 miles each morning pre-dawn (which is the only way to beat the 90+ heavily humid days we'v been having).

Sorry I missed Megan's interview, but I have the highlights in script on my laptop. I can play the recording this afternoon when I bring my recharging unit and earphones to the library.

My best wishes for Phil. As my daughter and her friends (in fact, her entire generation) would say, "pain sucks."

pattinase (abbott) said...

Rick-Megan loves puzzles so if you can recommend one for her birthday...
Pain does suck. But doctors are so afraid of opioids now...
Gloucester VA sounds lovely.

Mathew Paust said...

Anyone who missed Megan's NPR interview can play the recording here: >>

Jeff Meyerson said...

Thanks, Matthew.

Gerard Saylor said...

I was with the Boy Scouts from Sunday morning until I got home at 7:30PM last night. I went along on a backpacking trip from Monday through midday Wednesday in Porcupine State Park in Michigan's U.P. I enjoyed the trip but a couple Scouts were hassling my kid. I was stuck trying to not be overprotective (while seething on the inside) and telling the kids to shut it down.

My wife bought me a couple Archer Mayor paperbacks that were withdrawn from her library. I stopped reading his books over ten years ago when I read a book of his that was a total dog. That book was so bad it turned me off the entire series. I started reading 2007's THE WATCH in camp and so far it has been decent and I've really enjoyed seeing those characters again.