Tuesday, July 03, 2018

The Day I Became the Subject of a Lifetime Movie

Is Lifetime the darker one? Hallmark is light, right?
This is Ralph Nase. Probably about 35 here. Soon after my birth.
At age 70, (just a few weeks ago) I learned he is not my biological father. Two DNA tests have confirmed it. My brother is listed as my half-sibling. The paternity portion is blank.

Not so with my brother's. His is filled with Nases going back many generations. So far, I have come up with three men who may be my father. There is one who is the most likely. Frank Yarnall. A man whose name I have never heard before a few weeks ago. A man who died in 1977. But his sister, Mae, my aunt, is the grandmother of what the DNA tells me is my second cousin: Anita Peterson. Instead of being mostly German (because the Nases are pure German) I turn out to be English and Irish. A bit of German only from my mother's father. 
My mother married Ralph Nase two months out of high school. She was eighteen; he was twenty-seven. Janet Grieb was a shy, bespeckled, slightly overweight girl. Her parents belonged to a country club with an office manager that was good-looking and caught her eye. Eighteen year olds are easily swept away. He danced, had a nice car and what looked like a good job. So they married. On the day of their modest marriage, he got his draft notice and was swept away almost at once. They had known each other less than a year. (More to come)


Jeff Meyerson said...

Wow. What made you do the DNA test?

seana graham said...

I saw you allude to this in an earlier post and didn't know how seriously to take this. That's a big revelation. Am curious to read the next installment.

pattinase (abbott) said...

My brother did it. I did it because of a question of blood type. Never expected to find this.

Jerry House said...

Lifetime or Hallmark? Sounds more like Discovery.

TracyK said...

That is amazing, Patti. And it must be a lot to process. I am interested in more about this.

Rick Robinson said...

Wow, indeed. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have wanted to know.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Man......makes one question everything. Some issues came up during my wife's cancer treatment that reinforced her belief that her parents--both of them--were not in fact her parents. Not the main blood test type deal, but some other things that came up down at Mayo in Florida when they did fr more extensive testing prior to her stem cell transplant. With both of her named parents dead, as were many of her relatives, she ultimately decided not to pursue it as she believed she would never get the whole truth.

Anyway, I am very sorry you are going through this.

Mathew Paust said...

A mystery to challenge the SuperTeam of Mason, Street, and Drake.

I'm torn now between sending in a DNA sample myself or letting sleeping genes lie.

Good luck, Patti!