Friday, January 06, 2017

Friday's Forgotten Books, January 6,2017

TONY AND SUSAN is the novel the Tom Ford's movie, NOCTURNAL ANIMALS comes from, Ford is only interested in a small part of the novel though. And he is more interested in style than substance. As I was vaguely dissatisfied with the movie, so too the novel.

Susan and Edward were married 15 years earlier. Both have remarried. One of the contentious issues in Susan and Edward's marriage was his desire to be a novelist. He didn't work very hard at doing this though. But now he sends Susan a ms of his novel. And at least half of the book is devoted to that novel. It's the story of a man, his wife and daughter, on their way to a vacation that are accosted by three scoundrels on the highway. His wife and daughter are taken as Tony stands helplessly by. The rest on the novel within the novel concern his efforts to alternately put this behind him and to find the men.

The Susan and Edward part of the novel details their marriage and also her subsequent marriage to Arnold, a doctor.

There are a lot of complimentary blurbs on the cover. One even from Saul Bellow. (The novel was written 25 years ago). But I found it repetitive in parts. We spend too much time with Tony and his abductors years later. Too much time with a sheriff trying to close his final case. I guess I wanted it to either be a noir novel or a domestic one. This one satisfied neither for me.

Yvette Banek, THE MONUMENTS MEN, Robert M. Edsel
Joe Barone, VANE  PURSUIT, Charlotte MacLeod
Elgin Bleecker, NEW YEAR'S EVE/1929, James T. Farrell
Brian Busby, THE TRUDEAU PAPERS, Ian Adams
Bill Crider. MY TURN, John O'Hara
Martin Edwards, WHICH WAY CAME DEATH, Faith Wolseley
Richard Horton, THE COLLECTED TALES OF E.M. Forrester
Jerry House, SURVIVAL ZERO, Mickey Spillane
George Kelley. SECRETS OF THE WORLD's BEST SELLING WRITER: Erle Stanley Gardner (Fugate)
Margot Kinberg, A THREE-PIPE PROBLEM, Julian Symons
B.V. Lawson, HABITS OF FEAR, Dorothy Salisbury Davis
Steve Lewis/William F. Deeck, THE VALENTINE VICTIM, Douglas Macleish
Todd Mason, THE LONG GOODBYE, a 1972 draft of the screenplay by Leigh Brackett; BRASS KNUCKLES by Stuart Dybek
Steven Nester (THE RAP SHEET), DESERT TOWN, Ramona Stewart
Matt Paust, MATTAPONI QUEEN, Bella Boggs
Reactions to Reading, CRIME OF THE FATHER, Thomas Keanealy
James Reasoner, ANGEL'S FLIGHT, Lou Cameron
Gerard Saylor, SWEET RIDE. Richard S. Prather
Kerrie Smith, THE MADRAS MIASMA, Brian Stoddart
Kevin Tipple, OF ALL THE SAD WORDS, Bill Crider
TomCat, THE MYSTERY OF THE LAUGHING SHADOW, Alfred Hitchcock Presents
TracyK CURSED TO DEATH, Bill Crider


Jeff Meyerson said...

To be honest, neither the book or movie has any interest for me.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Probably a good decision.

Charles Gramlich said...

Tony and Susan seems an awful, awful title for a book

Todd Mason said...

Fint title for a song!

Miner's up! Thanks, Patti...and for the mixed response to both the film and source novel here...

J F Norris said...

Took me forever to proofread and fix the photos in my post. It's up now. Once again: thanks for the reserved space. ;^)

A Corpse at Christmas by Henry Kane

Anonymous said...

Sorry you were disappointed in this one, Patti. Something I probably won't add to the ol' wish list. Thanks, as always, for including my post in this feature.

J F Norris said...

I'm not sure that a clothing designer has any business directing movies, frankly. I saw A Single Man and it was also a case of style over substance. Everyone looked great in their costumes. Fabulous sets, too. Colin Firth was fairly good. But the movie meandered. Isherwood's book is much better. I guess I'll avoid NOCTURNAL ANIMALS even though I enjoy watching Jake G on the screen no matter how bad the movie. ;^)

Mathew Paust said...

Hadn't heard of Tony and Susan, but you reminded me of Henry and Clara, Thomas Mallon's novel based on the lives of Henry Rathbone and Clara Harris, who shared the Ford Theater's presidential box with the Lincolns on that night. I read it years ago, and have just bought the Kindle version to read again and do a review for FFB. It made a powerful impression on me.

Mathew Paust said...

Pssssst...Todd's link ain't woikin'.

Jerry House said...

I am going to claim that I am being fashionably late today, Patti. It's up at last: SURVIVAL...ZERO by Mickey Spillane.

Todd Mason said...
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