Monday, February 04, 2013

Say Somthing Good About Detroit: Emagine Theaters

The Emagine Theaters is a small chain of five luxury theaters in the Detroit area. The one in Royal Oak just outside Detroit features very comfortable state of the art theaters, a restaurant, a bowling alley, a bar, and the normal movie stand treats. Emagine are far more glamorous than theaters have been since my childhood in downtown Philly. When you go to an Imagine Theater you feel like you are out for the night. In cold, cold Michigan it is nice to be able to cross the lobby to enjoy a meal or a drink after the show.

Paul Glantz, a Detroit native and Wayne State University graduate, considered developing other sorts of businesses in the Detroit area before hitting on this one. Rather than setting his theaters out in the boonies, Glantz is inserting them cleverly in already vibrant areas. The Royal Oak Theater is at the most dynamic intersection in the trendy suburb and actually shares its lot with an art theater. I am hoping for one nearer me soon.

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