Thursday, February 07, 2013

Madeline Sherry

Love the little film on this clip but Madeline Sherry had moves on to a new subject in her recent show. The abstracts are gone and in their place-ones like this.

As you might expect, we have gone to a lot of museums and galleries while in southern California. One of my favorite gallery shows took place at the Pulse Gallery in San Diego where recent work of Madeline Sherry was being displayed. These are huge canvasses that knocked me out.

It's in a cool area where lots of galleries have taken over spaces used by the military in earlier years. On the first Friday of each month, the galleries are open at night and have wine and cheese to make it more fun. We saw a fabulous quilt show there as well.

Most of the huge Sherry canvasses depicted scenes from post WW 2 magazines. But my favorite was a very evocative one of Lizbeth Scott from the film THE STRANGE LOVE OF MARTHA IVES. In this film, Scott, depicted in Sherry's painting is the femme fatale-Lizabeth Scott. 

If you're in the area, stopping in this area is great fun.

From the Gallery: On Feb 9th, 2013 Pulse Gallery will host “Talk and Tea” with Madeline Sherry. Madeline’s series “The Times” was inspired by images and articles from a Times Magazine printed and published in 1944, the year of her birth. Her large format oil paintings capture both nostalgia and the reality of everyday life in the 40’s.


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Wow! thanks so much for the buzz.
glad you liked the show.

madeline sherry said...

tahnks for the buzz. glad you liked the new work.