Sunday, February 10, 2013

Say Good Things About Pacific Beach, CA

Jim Mullen
Pacific Beach is the town next to ours in California. It is a down to earth community that we have grown fond of. (They also have a great used bookstore called PennySaver).

So imagine our delight when a local newspaper informed us that Alex's Brown Bag, ten minutes away, made the best Philly Cheese-steaks west of...Philly.

We have heard this many times in our lives and gone to seek out such places. But Jim Mullen the owner of Alex's Brown Bag was the real deal. Born in Norristown, PA, just outside of Philly, he knows a cheesesteak and has gone to tremendous lengths to serve a perfect one. He is now able to get the meat and rolls from a company in Philly. The roll is as important as the meat-hard to describe why. It is not a hard roll but it has some crunch to it. It is definitely not the soft midwest rolls, Michiganders favor. Even bagels are soft in Michigan.But the meat, cheese, onions and peppers for those who like it hot are first-class too.

Jim sells other east coast favorites like hoagies, meatball hoagies and Tastykakes. We are in heaven thanks to Alex's Brown Bag. It is located at 5019 Cass St. in Pacific Beach and was recently voted the best sandwish in the San Diego area.

Take that fish tacos.


Charles Gramlich said...

mmmmmnm, now I'm hungry.

Anonymous said...

Nice. There is nothing like a real Philly cheesesteak.

They actually found a way to make "real" New York style bagels down here. They couldn't import New York water but actually built a water filtration/processing plant and are turning out bagels the way they are meant to be: soft inside but crispy outside.

It's called The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. are while they are mostly in FLorida so far they are franchising them - there is one in Beverly Hills.

No, it's not Brooklyn but we ate there last week and it was pretty good.

/end unsolicited testimonial

Jeff M.

The place is called

pattinase (abbott) said...

Yes, mine in unsolicited too. When I told him I wanted to take his photo for my blog, I am sure he had no idea what a blog is.

Anonymous said...

Alex's Brown Bag website.

Jeff M,

RkR said...

We ate there when we in SD last time, and agree, great food. There was another place we liked in PB too, can't recall the name but Guy Fiery went there on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and we liked it too. Plus of course the Winslow novels are set there, starting with DAWN PATROL.

maggie mason said...

I'll have to try it I've heard of another philly steak place, but it changed hands, and heard it didn't fare well.

Did you ever get to Carnitas Snack Shack?