Friday, August 31, 2012

The Summing Up, Friday, August 31, 2012

Check out my review of SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN at Crimespree Cinema.

Agatha Christie day coming up on October 12, 2012. I pick PERIL AT END HOUSE. Not that someone else can't have a shot at it too.

The Summing Up, Friday, August 31, 2012

Amy. Industrial Magic, Kelly Armstrong
Patti Abbott, The Millstone, Margaret Drabble
Sergio Angelini, One for the Road, Fredric Brown
Yvette Banek, Epigrams, Oscar Wilde
Eric Beetner, Dark As Night, Mark To Conard
Brian Busby, Thirty Years at Stratford, Robertson Davies
Bill Crider, Amazing Stories: the Anthology, ed. Kim Mohan
Scott Cupp, Any Day Now, Terry Bison
Martin Edwards, Silence of a Purple Shirt, R. E. Woodthorpe
Kurt Evans, The Protege, Charlotte Armnstrong
Ed Gorman, Murder Among Owls, Bill Crider
Jerry House, Hauntings and Horrors, ed. Alden H. Norton
Randy Johnson, Voodoo, Jeffery Wilds Deaver
Nick Jones, The Sour Lemon Score, Richard Stark
George Kelley, A Confederation of Valor, Tanya Huff
Margot Kinberg, Faceless Killers, Henning Mankell
B.V. Lawson, Murder for Treasure, David Williams
Evan Lewis, Mr. Sixgun, Brian Garfield
Steve Lewis/Allen J. Hubin, The Baxter Trust, J.P. Hailey
Todd Mason, Our Generation, Vlume 17, Number 1
Neer, The End of Her Honeymoon, Marie Beloc Lowndes
Neglected Books Page James AswellLinkJ.F. Norris, The Cross-Eyes Bear, Dorothy B. Hughes
Juri Nummelin, Tales of Suspense Audio book-link below
Richard Pangburn, Paranoia, Joseph Finder-link below
David Rachels, Pro Bono, Seicho Matsumoto
James Reasoner, Johnny Lidell's Morgue, Frank Kane
Ron Scheer, The Pilgrim and the Pioneer, John C. Bell
Michael Slind,A Neat Little Corpse, Max Murray
Kerrie Smith, A Great Deliverance, Elizabeth George
Kevin Tipple, Sorrow's Anthm, Michael Kortya
TomCat, The Book of Changes, R.H.W. Dillard
Prashant Trikannad, To the Last Man, Zane Grey


Anonymous said...

Patti - I'm always so honoured when you include my blog posts in your links. Thank you :-)

Deb said...

(possible duplicate post - sorry)

I plan to do a Christie FFB for October 12: Endless Night.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Don't know what happened to the last one? Thanks much.